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  1. Thank you for all of your input. I do not know all of the details of the older boys, but I do know that they were all told a variation of "We need to see some maturity from you in the next 6 months before you have a BOR". And, come to find out, there is a third boy as well. These boys are all 13-14 yrs old. As for my son, the requirement he has left to complete for 2nd Class is #8a, "Complete a drug program" (paraphrasing). Our school system has a county-wide drug program every October, so he will be finished with his requirements at that time. He will be terribly disappointed if he has t
  2. I was wondering if somweone can explain this to me. A couple of boys in our Troop have completed all of the requirements for "life", but the SM & ASM have made the decision to not award the ranks for another 6 moonths or so, "until they mature a little more". These boys both are a little discouraged and the parents have said that the boys don't feel like attending the meetings. I am afraid this will be the case with my son. He has been a Boy Scout for 4 months and just earned Tenderfoot, and he only has requirement left for 2nd Class. I was told he probably won't be able to earn this until
  3. I am the Advancement Chair for a large Pack. We now have 75 boys and will add new Tigers in the Fall, usually around 25 or so. We do not have an official tracking program, just whatever the Den Leaders are happy with. We have Den and Pack meetings on Mondays, so I require award and advancement orders to me by late Tuesday evening prior to the Pack meeting. I send two email reminders for this deadline and have been successful with this method for several years. I occasionally have to remind someone a third time (IN CAPS NO LESS) and remind them we don't want any disappointed Cub Scouts. Works e
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