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  1. Are any other Packs out there having a problem with parents not being able to find size S and/or XS blue shirts at their local suppliers. About half our Tigers lack shirts since they drown in size M.
  2. The switch from Tiger Orange to BSA Blue has created a problem for our Pack. About half of the new Tigers in our Pack are lacking shirts since they drown in size M and the scout uniform outlets in our 5 adjacent counties are out of the S/XS sizes. Is this a temporary local problem, or a more severe thing?
  3. 2 of us new adult leaders here could use campaign hats. Hopefully you will have a large and an extra large size. Thanks for the leg work.
  4. As part of OWL training this past Saturday, the council staff suggested that each Den Leader have on hand a copy of a current Class 1 Class 2 physical "just in case", and that the copies go on each and every Webelos outing. I don't think privacy is an issue since scouting, and activities, are voluntary. It is a one-sided situation ... if you want to participate you have to follow BSA rules. Regarding meds, the word was "follow the public school", which in this state means that if a medication, either an Over The Counter or a medical Prescription, is given at 'school' it MUST be list
  5. Paper just doesn't work for us. Case in point, upcoming Pack's Webelos invitations to attend an "under stars" campout and "museum lockdown" with affiliated Troop. (Events are back-to-back over a Friday night-Saturday night later this month, and carry a $28 per person fee). Handout netted just 1 RSVP ... personal phone calls to each Webelos' parents netted 9 additional Webelos reservations.
  6. I did the 12-hour OWL training bit this past Saturday, and the message I received was that Cubs needed their parent/legal guardian present for overnights with Troops. Also, some events have specific age limitations, e.g., you must be age 11 to do cave campouts in our council.
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