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  1. Official Word has been handed down by our Council: For a Webelos overnight campout each Scout needs a parent or parent approved adult (One on One rule applies). One adult cannot be responsible for two scouts even if they are not the leader. As far as tents - They do not want two Dads and two sons sharing a tent. Scouts in one tent, adults (of the same sex) in another is fine. Each parent and scout could also share a tent. Thanks for all of your help to clarify this issue. I know it's not Rocket Science, I just didn't want us to do anything wrong.
  2. Thanks for all of your responses. As you can see there is a great deal of room for interpretation. I really did not want to open this can of worms with our local council and that is why I came here. From what I read in the "Guidelines for Safe Scouting" there seem to be different rules on overnight campouts for Webelos and for younger Cubs. This makes sense since Webelos will be going on to Boy Scouts in just a few months. I really don't see why two boys and their fathers can't share a tent. Technically, the boy is in his parent's tent. It seems rather silly to have only two people per tent - this is alot of equipment to have on a campsite and most tents accomodate more than two people. The "Guildelines" also state that the responsible party can be a "Parent Approved Adult" and then goes futher to say that in "most" cases this is the parent or guardian (most is not all or that it is required). I would really like to know if anyone knows where to find the National Guidelines so I can see what is actually in writing. As to Luke and Laura - yes I was in the age to follow their entire story. There life was easier to follow than all this red tape!
  3. Our Webelos II Den has been invited on an overnight campout with our local Boy Scout Troop. This weekend has specifically been planned for our Webelos to encourage them to continue on into Boy Scouts. I have been told conflicting rules about overnight campouts by our Pack's Baloos. The first thing that my Baloo is telling me is that the Webelos are not allowed to camp as a den unless each Scout has a parent present. The "Guidelines to Safe Scouting" indicates that each Scout must have a parent approved adult responsible for their child on an overnight campout. Which version is correct? The second thing I am being told is that no Webelos Scout is allowed to share a tent with anyone other than their parent. Does this mean that each Scout and parent must have their own tent or can two fathers and two sons share a tent as long as each Scout has a parent in that tent? I understand why the rules are in place but it seems that everyone's interpretation is different.
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