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  1. Does anyone know as of 2011 all the other adult training expiration dates, other than Youth Protection of every two years? Example, Safety Afloat, Safe Swim, Weather Hazards, ect.?
  2. Thanks for the response, this started when the wreath vendor added a "resale certificate" provision into their aggreement here in Washington State. This form has the buyer's tax registration number needed. The Council feels the tax number should come from the Charter Organization, non profit or not. Why can't the Boy Scout council's support the retail tax exemption for Packs or Troops? Looks like we need to file on our own, just like our Council or National does.
  3. I need some info on who is responsible for the Tax ID# required for retail tax exemptions, Council or the Chartered Organization? Often it is asked for from retailers with fundraising or outing expenses. Thanks, SM342
  4. After a long day working JLT, COPE, Safe Haven, and a new year planning meeting, how about a movie we can unwind to? Follow Me Boys, Ice Age, Major Payne, any ideas with leadership in mind? I need a new or old movie!
  5. I would like to find out what policies others have with cell phones on outings or before-during-after meetings. Thanks for you info. SC, T-342
  6. I need a copy of the symbol from the center of most Boy Scout Troop flags or a good copy of a BSA Troop flag. It can be a jpeg, gif, bit, or a direction to a web site. Thanks, I do enjoy your chat! SC-342
  7. Our Troop (and I mean Our) stages the Winter Igloo/Snow Caves outings. The first year are day trips only with about the same pack checks as the overnighters. We even invite Webelos! Not everyone likes winter camping but can learn the difference. As for meeting concerns, that will change only with your support. It may be time for some of the questions from the old Safe Haven exercise. If it is not Scout lead you need to talk to your SPL and Scoutmaster! SC-342
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