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  1. The merit badge was done in two, one hour sessions in a classroom, and one 4 hour "cook off" where there were a bunch of dished cooked by different scouts. The food was purchased by the MBC and given to the boys and they had to come up with what to cook. The SM and I came up with an idea - what do you think about this? The MBC says she's going to sign off on the cards and if the SM doesn't sign off then it's on him. What if give the Scouts the list of requirements (the MBC didn't) and go through them with the boys. We say "This is up to you - Scouts Honor - if you feel like you finished the badge, it's your's to take at the COH. If you'd like to work some more on the badge you can wait to receive it until YOU feel like you've earned it." I know it's not truly up to protocal, but it gets all of us adults out of it, it gives them the chance to make a decision on what they feel is the right thing to do and it totally defuses the conflict between the SM and MBC. Best of all, it gives us a chance to really reinforce to everyone how a Scout is supposed to earn a merit badge.
  2. John in KC and the rest, here's more info: I'm an ASM. The Merit Badge is Cooking and was done in 3 sessions. SM is current in training including Woodbadge. He really knows how Scouting should be and wants us to do it right. (He clued me into these forums and reads here a lot.) MBC, also on the Committee, is registered as a MBC, but is not up on a lot of Scout training. She did a fantastic job with what was done, but it wasn't done "by the book". She wanted to condense it down and make it fun for the kids. She was very successful at that, there was lots of participation and fun was had. Yes, there is a LOT more going on, but I view this as personal disagreements / personality conflicts and it clouds the issue. I've talked with both at great length and see a lot of misunderstanding and hurt feelings with both. I hate to bring all the subjective stuff into the decision as to whether or not the Scouts should get the badge (or what more needs to be done), it really confuses the issue. I don't really see a good solution to the feelings side of the problem at all. MBC has a pretty hardened postion and isn't interested in working it out. She's going to sign off on the cards and if the SM doesn't, it's on him that they didn't get it. I just would like to determine if the Scouts would get the badge as is, or if there should be more done. Where I am clueless is who makes that final decision.
  3. We have a problem between our Scoutmaster and one of our committee members who recently did a merit badge for our Scouts. Our Scoutmaster felt like the requirements weren't fulfilled (and doesn't want to sign off on the cards) and the counselor felt like they were. What do you think should be the procedure in resolving this conflict? Who has the final say? I though about having an outside person (Unit Commissioner?) come to help so that everyone felt that this was an objective decision. Who has the final say, the Scoutmaster or the Committee? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    You might be using the Troop Method....

    t158sm and CNYScouter, Thanks SO much for the information. I'll be busy for days going over all of it. Even though I've only been scratching the surface so far, I've already found some very useful advice. This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for.
  5. TryingHard

    You might be using the Troop Method....

    I'm just getting started in helping with our Troop and it seems like I tend to take too much control. My nature makes it hard to deligate. This thread does a great job telling what NOT to do and it's consequences. I see some of that going on in our Troop and in me. Can anyone point me in the right direction and clue me into some good resources/forum topics on how to use the "patrol method"? Thanks in advance for the help!