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  1. THanks for the advice and help. I really appreciate it. It looks like I have some work to do before I engage this endeavor!!!
  2. I am thinking have my crew do a Kodiak course. How do I go about planning for one, and getting the materials I need? Thanks, Troop11 ASM (And 2248 Advisor)
  3. One of my pet peeves id during summer camp when the Scouts refuse to take a shower more than one time. I now state that no Scout will ride home in my car unless they have had a shower the previous night...
  4. Go here, for a BSA Activity shirt... http://scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&ctlg=00MASTER&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=APPAREL&c3=ASHIRTS&c4=&LV=3&item=615AS But you are not supposed to add any patches to the shirt.
  5. If I may delve into this.. Scouts should have a Dress Uniform (very similar to the current one, but in a poly/cotton blend, as it looks nicer - remember, a Scout it CLEAN. Also I would include a t-shirt to be worn under the dress shirt). But I also believe that a Scout should have a uniform suited for the outdoors (wicking, fast drying, etc). This would include pants very similar to the current break-away pants that are becoming popular, as well as a Troop t-shirt of the wicking type, and maybe an over jacket of the BDU-type (with bellows pockets). This jacket would also have the Council and troop numbers. Granted, I am of a military mindset, and I know that the Scouts is NOT a military organization, but I think that the above listed uniform would suit the needs of the Scouts well when they are enjoying the outings they often enjoy.
  6. Golden Empire Council, Iron Horse District
  7. Just a quick introduction: Been ASM for about a year (attending WB Class WE3-47-08 this year), and having a blast with the boys as well as growing closer with my son!
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