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    Where did you go to summer camp?

    As a youth : Northwoods Scout Reservation Lupton, MI 89,90,91,92 As a adult : Northwoods Scout Reservation Lupton, MI 93 94 staff back again in 04 through ?? AHH the memories, glad to be back as Program Dir. helps me remember how much fun I had when I see the smiles on the scouts faces each summer
  2. trkr75

    100 Scouts

    Isn't neet how much Scouting is envolved in more then we think. one way or another scouting is in everything we. thanks for reminding us Ken
  3. trkr75

    Shades of gray

    Mark, Very nice I hope to use it in staff traning this summer before camp starts.
  4. Hi, Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself, I am Ken. I was a tiger cub the first year they started and stayed in scouting all the way throught Eagle. Then came college... First year no problem stayed active even worked on staff at summer camp. Then came marrige lost contact with scouting, then came a real job driving a semi-truck 10 years went by since summer camp staff and something starting going off in my head... the scout motto, law, outdoor code. I called the council to ask about camp and how it was going, thought maybe could help out for a couple weeks in the summer or something, one thing led to another and now I am back on staff as Program Director. Wow someone once told me scouting is only one hour a week... LOL maybe if you don't enjoy it. Also now a committiee member.