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  1. The Chartered Organization Representative may also hold what other positions in a Pack?
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    The current uniforms are too expensive and not practical for what we would like to do in them. They should not be a tool to be used to make money at the expense of the boys. We need something that is for the field and inexpensive.
  3. Rio Grande Council - southern most Texas Boy Scouts, et al - Church's, Lions Clubs, Cub Scouts - 90% schools, 10% churchs I have not heard of any fall out from this but who knows. I am going to roundtable tonite and will ask.
  4. Hey guys, I have other problems with schools being chartering partners. The admissions standards are just the tip of the iceburg. Schools are not open year round and the pack does not have access to facilities for summer meetings. The principal of the school is automatically the "Institutional Head of the sponoring organization, whether he or you likes it or not. I thought that the premise for a scouting unit was that it belonged to the organization that runs it. Here we have the BSA designating what the organization is. There is no sponoring organization. The school distri
  5. I am refering to the annual Council meeting where the budget, representatives to regional and national offices and the like are approved by the council governing body. I was under the impression that there were to be at least as many COR voting as members at large.
  6. I was told by our Council and District executive that a COR could not hold the position of Cubmaster or Asst Cubmaster and I am trying to verify that.
  7. What a job, but it can be done. You need to start out by deciding how much work do you want to do. You can take one of several routes. The first thing you are going to need is land. Then a building and furnishings. Are you going to build your own building from stratch or remodel an older one? Can you get it donated? Probably so if you know or ask the right people. You need to inquire of older scouters and past troop memebers in the area about which one of them might be financially able to donate land for the cause. They can get a great tax break. Try talking to some or all of the estat
  8. I have found "Train the Trainer" sessions to be excellent opportunities. The sessions are an excellent time to share ideas with your fellow scouters from throughout the District\Council. They are an excellent way to become a vaulable resource to your Council. Question: How long is your training good for? Does the card issued expire?
  9. 1. Chartered organization representative is the only position that can also be in another position. What other positions can one hold and be a chartered rep? 2.How many Chartered Reps are required to be at the annual meeting to vote on the annual budget, etc.?
  10. My DE told me that the council usually did not have COR training but they would consider having it this year. The DE did not visit our IH in 2000. The contract with the chartered organization is sent in our recharter packet.
  11. I have visited many council and district sites looking for infomation about training for Chartered Representatives. I have seen many training topics but none on this type of training. Is this an annual thing? Is it required in order to have a quality unit? What publications are given to participants?
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