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    Donor Awareness

    John, you would be eligible to donate organs. The restrictions for organ donation are quite different from blood donation. The donatable organs are...heart, lungs, liver (which can be split into two pieces), kidneys, pancreas and small bowel as well as over 100 different tissues. We evaluate each person/potential donor on their own merits before making any decisions about whether or not they can become donors. Kenn
  2. Kenn

    Donor Awareness

    I am glad that so many have already responded to this topic. I was trying to see if this program was still known. It was a National Good Turn in 1986 and since then the need for this program has grown tremendously, but unfortunaty it has not been utilized. I work for an Organ Procurement Organization as a Placement Coordinator, which means I am the one who makes the offers for organs to the surgeons and facilitates the evaluation as well as the recovery for these organs. I am trying to get this program off the ground again as the need for organ donors has increased in numbers that is fast becoming unmanageable. There are currently more than 90,000 people waiting for over 100,000 organs today. The need is great and the help that the BSA can provide is great. I will post more information as I complete this task and will answer any questions that you may have. Thanks to all for helping. Yours in Scouting, Kenn Troop 525 Tracy, CA
  3. Kenn

    Donor Awareness

    Sorry about the typo. This program in intended to give information on organ donation.
  4. Has anyone run the Donor Awareness in their unit? This program is intended to dive information to the Scout on organ donation.
  5. Kenn

    BDU and Uniforms

    My Venturing crew wears BDU's as their uniform pants (and shirts). We have adopted this uniform because of our speciality, Search and Rescue. They are strong, durable, and have useable pockets for the many items of gear we carry. Just for clarification, BDU stands for battle dress uniform, and describes not just pants but shirts as well. Oh yeah we also wear the green shoulder loops for dress occasions.
  6. Kenn

    Active Venture Crews

    I am an Assoc. Advisor of a very active Venturing Crew in Tracy, CA. We are a speciality unit..Search and Rescue. We are very active, have participated in searches and are currently working with local USAR team to teach some basic ssearch techniques. We are co-ed with leadership made up of former Boy Scouts (who are working on their Eagles as well as Ranger award) and those with no previous Scouting experience. Yes you can earn Eagle without being a member of a Troop as long as you have reached First Class in a Troop.
  7. Kenn

    Find a US Troop in the UK

    You can check with military, the US Consolate, or look into the Lone Scout program. Good Luck