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  1. Sosh; Yes I find your post offensive. The best way to get her to clam up is to take her to someone she doesn't know and has no history with to discuss this. She is at ease with the priest, The priest if a professional counselor. He will get her to the point where she will open up to a professional counselor. This has to be done in steps to be successful. You seem to think I'm sitting in front of a computer and doing nothing else. You are sadly mistaken. There are a lot of wheels in motion.


    I came her to vent,


    I'm out.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts. She got up to go to school today and is showing the strain. The deification is about to hit the oscillation. We asked before we went anywhere is she was in for the long haul and what to expect. She said yes. She chose to talk to the Scout Exec in person vice over the phone.


    Again, thanks.

  3. Venting somewhat here.


    Was at a adult meeting discussing upcoming events. Members of our Venture Crew were in attendance. A 16 year old female said and adult (early 20's) had touched her inappropriately. That immediately prompted calls to the unit commissioner then the district commissioner then the scout exec. It has turned into a full blown Scout and police investigation.


    Parents worst nightmare. It's also our daughter. I am working with the local police to complete a thorough, fair and low key investigation.


    The Council has been wonderful. They have offered our daughter any and all help she may need. I am taking time off work to deal with this. She is holding up but there are a few cracks in the foundation.


    Thanks for listening. .



  4. I couldn't get any other part of the forum to open,


    Mod- Please move this to the proper forum if needed.


    Our troop had reservations for Philmont starting the 1st week of July, 13.


    Several youth and parents backed out and we had return our reservations.


    My son and I are still interested in going and need help find a troop/crew with an adult and youth opening.


    We are in Ohio but will take anything we can get during the same time frame.


    My email is standersoN@earthlink.net.




    An old Eagle Scout and his son Star Scout.

  5. "Participating" is not exactly how it is written.


    "not exactly" is the same as "a definite maybe"


    "I might ask why your ASM is checking with counselors. Are you trying to talk them into not working with him or into being particularly difficult?"


    The more information that can be gathered in this situation, the more accurate the final decision will be. We are trying to find out what, if any, action the young man has taken in order to get the merit badge. I checked my previous posts, didn't see anything to suggest I was trying to be underhanded or trying to back door the young man.




  6. Update: I was just notified that he does not have Camping Merit Badge. Another adult leader is contacting counselors in and out of the troop to find out if they have been approached by the young man.


    "Active" is the sticking point. Although National defines "active" are registered in the context of being in the troop, I feel "active" means participating in the context of the POR.


    The POR will be my "give" during the talk with the young man (and his mother). The wording is not cyrstal clear (ative means registered or participating). The camping deficiency is clear and cannot be ignored.



  7. nldscout; National approved an extension for a Scout who didn't take any initiative in order to get/have a leadership position? I have issues with that. It is not the Troops responsibility. Although this troop did not properly mentor this young man, it is his ultimate responsibility to get the requirements done.


    "Actively" seems to be the key word in the POR.


    Thanks for the help.




  8. Sorry, missed this one:


    "In our largish troop, our ASM-Advancement tracks the status of all fellows who are 16 years old. We assume that since they are still around, most of these fellows are interested in earning Eagle. The ASMs job is to spot "fatal flaws" like the one described here and facilitate the scout in finding a solution. While there is still plenty of time."


    That very thing was brought up in the meeting. That postion is being developed for our troop (35 boys)




  9. Let me respond to a some of the posts:


    "That is just as much the unit fault as it is the Scout!"


    True. That is the very point I tried to get across. How could the Troop allow him to start his Eagle Project when he had no (or very little chance) to get advanced? I have a feeling there is a ASM who in the mind set of everyone gets Eagle. Something of an "Eagle Factory"


    "If you think that they will be VERY unpleasant, you might also invite a knowledgeable and skillful Commissioner or representative of your District Advancement Committee to be there as impartial witness."


    That is already in the planning stage. I am experienced with dealing with unpleasant people (law enforcement investigator) but an impartial witness is trying to be rounded up. I will have no problem dealing with her. It will be as pleasant as I can make it. My wife has already told me to leave my cuffs at home. :)


    "You may find out that the Scout has held a position of responsibility or has good reason to think that he has."


    We have one ASM whose only job is run Troopmaster and keep records. My feeling is that the troop records are very accurate. During the Committee meeting, it was brought up that a leadership position had been offered but he did nothing with the opportunity.


    "Put an Eagle Scout application in front of him or a printed set of the requirements. Let him run through the requirements one by one and verify that he has met the requirement. Start off with the ones that he clearly has done. When his mother starts to talk and it is virtually certain that she will, stop the discussion and, in a polite and friendly way, tell her that it will be his Eagle Scout and he will be the one going before the Eagle Board of Review so will she please let him describe and substantiate that he has met the requirement. You may need to do this several times and it may get a bit pointed.


    Good idea.


    I think I am more irritated at the Troop than the boy. This should have been addressed long before now.


    Thanks for the input.

  10. I am an Eagle Scout with about 30 years experience.


    Our son crossed over into Boy Scouts in Feb and after about 5 months, I was asked to be Advancement Chair.


    Two weekends ago my son and I participated in an Eagle Scout project. I didn't recognize the young man but I was told he was a member of the Troop. Last week, I started receiving Emails from various members of the Committee expressing some doubt as to the qualifications of the Eagle candidate.


    Sunday night at the Committee Meeting, I started asking questions. This young man has been a Life Scout for 3 years. He turns 18 the first week of October. I was basically told that he was lacking: 1) Leadership position. None since being a Life Scout; 2) Camping - Not only does he not have the Merit Badge, he has less than the required number of days/nights and 3) Is not active in the troop.


    I questioned the Committee on whether or not this was ever discussed with the Scout or the parents?




    I was informed he didnt attend very many meetings and that was the reason. I told the Committee that this problem that should have been addressed long before now. Whether in person, in writing, over the phone; we should have been addressing this. Waiting until after he completed his project is not the correct time.


    I believe another reason is the mother is considered overbearing by members of the Committee and it appears they are uncomfortable talking to her


    Next meeting, he and his mother have been asked to show up so that we can talk. I am going in with the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair. We are going to discuss alternatives.


    I will not Chair any Board of Review for a young man who is not remotely qualified for advancement.


    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


  11. I'm just not enjoying Scouting anymore.


    I've got 25 years in Scouting. Our son has been in Boy Scouts for a year and I'm Advancement Chair for the Troop.


    This is a large, active troop. About 35 active boys. Good supply of adult volunteers (betcha haven't heard that in awhile!).


    I'm seriously considering stepping down as the chair (I wouldn't step down unless there is a suitable replacement), taking a less active roll in the troop and going back to a Pack. I think I need to recharge my batteries with a bunch of Tiger Cubs.


    Got any ideas?


  12. Eamonn; Wish I lived in the perfect world you do. There are dynamics in this pack (military) that are not normally seen in other packs. You missed the point of the emails. Any emails he requries to go through him. Nothing was said of pack wide, your assumption.


    I told the CM to stay out of my meetings. If he wants to be Web 2 Leader, let me know. I have made arraingements to go to another Pack.


    I have washed my hands of the matter. Leaders and Committee members have come to me asking for help. I told them they need to deal with the CM or CC, not me. I will get my boys to their AOL in about two months.


    AOL Ceremony; Sorry, I''m planning this one. In the past it''s been a "Here''s your AOL, nice job, next!" I want this to be something the boys remember.


    If things don''t change, this Pack will not be around to re-charter.






  13. OK boys and girls, gather round for the continuing saga of "Cub Scout Payton Place"


    Eat you popcorn if you have it.


    The Ass't Cubmaster was installed as Committee Chair. The first thing the CM did was to "tell him" how they were going to do things. The new CM went to the old CM (remember he is the one who was forced out). He said "This isn't how it's supposed to work, is it?" I think he's seen the light.


    The new CC sent out a message to the Committee asking them to vote on bringing the Old CC back as the Recruitment Chair. I was sent a copy of the message. My only response was that things will not change until the CM understands how the Scouting Chain of Command works. He will continue to railroad the CC until someone stands up to him and explains the facts of life.


    If anyone needs a diagram of the players let me know, I'm kinda confused myself.


    I do not want to see people gang up on the CM. I don't particular like the way he is running the show but to backdoor him is not the correct way to do business.



    Time to get ready for work. Stayed tuned for another chapter in

    "As the Cub Scout Turns" :)



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