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  1. The first thing that comes to my mind is Pinewood Derby cars. (This is kinda a brain storming idea so I didn't think it all the way through.) Maybe bring a piece of track and some old cars. In 8 years as CM, I have collected 5 or 6 unclaimed cars. You could also bring derby rockets or raingutter reagatta boats. How about a "Knot Board", Den Doodle, patch collection, hiking stick w/ medallions on it and a belt with sports and academic loops on it. (Ooooh, shiney things!!) A snack you could provide is a no-cook s'more. Get the little paper mini cupcake holders, they're about the size
  2. THANKS !!! This is a good start. Good Luck to your son, too.
  3. Does anyone know of a presenation ceremony for the Maccabee Religious Emblem? (Jewish Cub Scout religious award) I have been told there is no standard ceremony, however, someone must have presented one in the past and used some kind of format. We are trying to schedule something with our synagogue, but the Rabbi, and I, need some direction. Thanks in adavnce.
  4. I've been a Cubmaster for 8 years and for most of those years we have gone on atleast 1 Pack camp-out a year. We try to keep it within 1 to 1 hours away. (Just like the others said.) We are very lucky in that in So Cal, there are many regional Parks that offer overnight camping. We have been able to actually camp in the next city over. Keep it simple and close. The kids and parents will have a great time!!
  5. I would like to buy a Kudu horn and have it professionally drilled. Better yet, buy one that is already drilled. I have looked on eBay, the Quartermastersstore.com and Woodbadge.net but have found nothing already drilled. Do any of you know where I can buy one already drilled or where I can get one drilled? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Old Baldy Council, in So California, is offering a week long "wilderness" course Aug 21 - Aug 27, 2005. My husband & I are serving on staff. Our council holds Wood Badge every other year and has chosen to stick to the week long format. go to: www.obcbsa.org for contact info and an application. I realize that CA is about as far away as you can get, but you could always make it a family vacation and do all our amusement parks and hit the beaches. Just a thought. For what it's worth, I was part of the first class in our Council to take the new course. I think that a week lo
  7. We are getting everything ready for my son's Eagle COH and I'm trying to get a copy of the "letters" that you send to government officials to get certificates. I know that I have seen them on macscouter.com and ussscouts.org, but after visiting this site, I realize those places will be down for some time. I am running out of time!!! Please help!! I need another resource or, better yet, the actual examples. Thanks!! - Stacey
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