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  1. To those who ask whether a Federal ID is constitutional, no ID of any kind is mentioned in the in the Constitution, not passports or anything else. It was never intended that the Constitution should be our only laws or that the Constitution should be an inflexible document written in stone. The framers did put a provision in for amending the Constitution. They must have figured it would be used. As to the Issue of a Federal ID Card - When the issue of ID's were first needed, this country and the world in general were a much bigger place. It took days to travel across the country and sometime
  2. My name is Shemaqua. I've been an Asst. Scout Master, organized an Explorer Post from the ground up, been a camp counselor at three different scout camps, been a merit badge counselor for several different badges and a host of other things you can read more of my biography at http://www.bigbearsden.org/BBD-A-HOME.php. I am currently inviting scouts to join me at the 2011 Eastern Primitive Rendezvous to be held September 23rd - October 1 2011. You can read more about this at http://www.bigbearsden.org/BBD-A-EPR.html. If you think you may be interested, email me or contact me through the contact
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