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  1. Washed mine last night. I ordered a little big then washed in the washer on normal cylce warm water and then ran it through the dryer. It didn't shrink all that much but sure tightened up the fibers and made it warmer. Wash it by itself because it does bleed. I like it more after I washed it. Wish I'd know about the other ones mentioned above I would have bought on of those instead.
  2. For whittling I prefer a solid sheath knife ranging from a 3" blade to no bigger than4 1/2". I can actually split a 12" round log with just the knife. for kids I wouldn't recommend anything over the 3"model. I know my council says no sheath knives and I can understand not wanting the big 7" combat knives but you can't split wood or kindling with a folding knife it will break. I also recommend full carbon steel blades because you can use the back of the knife to make sparks with a flint or zirconium rods. My preffered types are the Mora knives of Sweden, great knives and they're inexpensiv
  3. http://www.aefsupply.com/uniforms.htm This is a company that makes the model 1912 Army uniform. According to historical documentation the only difference is the buttons. Military had U.S. Buttons and the Scouts had BSA buttons. Otherwise cut and material were identical. I may order one and wear it to scout expo, I've done Civil War,Indian War and Span-am war reenacting maybe I'll go original Boy Scout reenacting.
  4. I'm 34 and I wear the campaign hat still. Wore it when I was a Scout and I wear it today in my Cub Pack. I know the hat is only for the boy scouts and their leaders but I refuse to wear the webelos hat. I am constantly getting mistaken as the guy in charge when I'm not, most people see the hat and see the boss. I convinced the cubmaster to get one also. I have two, I have a Lightweight felt one I got from S&S firearms for $40, and I have a heavy duty military drill Sgt one made by Stratton Hats that I got from ebay for less than $20. I wear the heavy duty one in the field and the lig
  5. That would be sweet. Kahaki-green with no collars and the large four corner neckercheifs. I really liked the heavy weight cotton ones from my dad's era.
  6. I have purchased the Centennial necker already and I was going to get one for my boy but I guess I'll give him mine. I like Stosh's idea of going with the bigger sizes and actually be willing to use them as they were meant to be used. In the field I still wear my silk 3'square bandana, good for towel, snot rag, head wrap, arm sling, tourniquet, etc........
  7. When I started Cubs in '82 I was told to tuck my collar under with the necker. I have worn it that way ever since and will continue to wear it that way. I think it looks dorky with it tucked under the collar and the nerckercheifs are not big enought to wear over the collar unless it is tucked in. Also take into account that when scouting started, shirts did not have built in collars, they were band collars and had seperate detachable collars to wear with neckties. Childeren did not wear the seperate collars and neither did outdoorsman. Also bandanas of the time were much larger like 36"x3
  8. We probably will this summer at camp but right now we're just trying to get everybody in uniform before we break for the summer, we won't see each other agin until summer camp.
  9. Those are my thoughts. We had a hard time just getting parents to chuck out the money for the official ones so some of the kids don't have those, I had 12 yards of this fabric at home so offered to make them all new Neckers if they voted they wanted different ones. 5 out of 8 voted yes so majority rules. Everyone will have them with new turks head woggles that I tied from bright green P cord. All for free. Thanks.
  10. Are Webelos only authorized to wear the Webelos necker or could the den vote to wear a homemade one that is bigger and more useful. The material is a red plaid that is a homespun stouter cotton then the official neckers. Also we made them bigger so the leaders and the scouts could match but it appears that the insignia guide only allows the "official webelos" neckerchief. Ours is very unique and looks very old school scout.
  11. Greetings all. I am from Montana and the Asst. Webelos Leader for my son's den. I am excited to get back into Scouting so many years after my Scouting career. I hope to glean as much information from other leaders as I can. Thank you all.
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