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  1. RE: Eagle Scout gifts from the troop, such as NESA lifetime membership @ $250.00, framing, neckerchiefs, slides and the like. How do these troops fund these costs? We participate in popcorn sales, and fund our program and equipment costs with little left over. Our CO doesn't like year round fundraising, in fact we can't sell popcorn in the building....... While these gifts are nice, I wonder how much of an additional burden these costs are placing on the scouts? Are these costs being transferred to the non-Eagles?
  2. The Eagle kit was previously supplied by a corporate donor, alas, no more. The troop pays for that now, as it does for all advancement items. The certificate comes from national. That's all we do. With NESA lifetime memberships at $250.00, framing, etc., that's not worked into our budget.
  3. My troop's PLC has requested this and we've worked it into the schedule as a gaming lock in. No first person shooter games, no teen only games. We've done it three years running now, always in the winter. I use it as an opportunity to work on advancement with the scouts that need it, and the more challenging merit badges like Wilderness Survival. Last time we did an iron chef competition that was fun and well liked. The scouts want a low intensity event every now and then, and why not. Have you never piddled in the garage and watched football all weekend a time or two?
  4. Glad to be here. In an attempt to deal with a malware attack I unregistered, and have been trying to get back on board for months. It's been rough not having like minded scouters to discuss scouting.
  5. A good reason to have an in house audit each year. We discovered some sloppy bookwork that had to be corrected (but no fraud) when we changed treasurers. Without knowing any details, anything about their costs/expenses, it does seem like a hugely excessive amount to be holding.
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