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  1. I have taken a couple of the pdf forms from National and added form fields to them so that they can be saved (I do have the full Acrobat package). Works out well, as I've focused mostly on the medical forms, so I can print out my son's or mine at any time. I've received a few comments, but not many, which tells me that the privacy of the forms is being observed as they should. If anyone would like a copy of the medical forms I can send it to someone to post to their site.
  2. For lack of a better fitting forum, I'll ask the question here. Is there a map available that illustrates all the councils across this nation? I know that with all the recent merger activity it would be out of date pretty quickly, but does such a beast exist? The reason for my request is to use it for training purposes at both unit and district level. Thanks, Sean in Illinois
  3. Jack-- Perfect, Streamwood had what I was looking for. Thanks for the response. S.
  4. I kept running into this issue as an Asst DL (DA) in my son's Wolf den, and now as the DL for Bears. What I have done to address it is get a one gallon ziplock bag for each boy, and write their name on it as well as the instruction "Bring this to every meeting". We ue this a the communications between the parents and myself, as well as the project bag for the boys. Copies of newsletters, forms, upcoming event handouts, prints from the spreadsheet achievement tracker I use, and patch segments all go in the bag. I ask the boys to keep their books in it while traveling to meetings so that it
  5. I am looking to obtain a few of the "Third Century USA" strips that accompany the 1977 National Jamboree patch. I have enough of the actual NJ patches, but only one of the strips. The strip was earned by completing a series of tasks at the Jamboree, and it is worn immediately below (and touching) the NJ patch. It continues the diagonal color strips of red, white, and blue that are predominant on the NJ patch. Does anyone kniow where I can get copies of these? I have looked on eBay, but the few I have found over the last year have been grouped with other patches. When mesaaging the sellers an
  6. Rena-- Your Council may no longer sell segments, but many others still do. Segments are a very big part of the instant recognition (for better or worse) in my pack, as with many other packs in my council. Check out the Three Fires Council Scout Shop site at http://www.threefirescouncil.org/ScoutShops/scout_shops.htm, and you can find a pdf file of the segment patch images (around 200 different images) available from them in the section titled "What we Offer". I "think" the segments run 40 cents each, and as do most other Scout Shops they will mail them to you at actual cost. Hope
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