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  1. I dont think it cruel at all.... These are boy scouts, not cub scouts. Everyone does not need to be a winner. If it has been tradition to reward those scouts that complete the orienteering course with ice cream, then by all means they should get to enjoy it. If the ice cream reward is that important to some boys, maybe next time those boys who did not attend will. If those with the ice cream were flaunting it at those without, that could be a cause to stop and have a discussion. If this were Cub Scouts, I MIGHT agree with everyone getting ice cream or no one. But Boy Scout age b
  2. Our troop stayed here (http://www.gettysburgscouting.org/cabin.html) this past weekend.
  3. Actually I believe the IRS rate for vehicle usage for charity is $.14/mile (or actual fuel usage). Our troop does not ask the scouts to pay or chip in for transportation, though I have had some scouts offer to help pay for gas/tolls.
  4. It depends on the rank not the posisition. Den Chief can be used as a PoR for Star, Life, and Eagle. Each have different tenure requirements in PoR. From my memory Star is 4 months, Life and Eagle 6 months each.
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