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    Hey peeps, I am a JASM of Troop 240 based Elkhorn, WI. I have been in scouts since i was a Tiger, so about.... 11 years. At first i was ashamed to say i was in scouts but now i say it with pride! I just got Brotherhood in the OA, and i am almost got my eagle. I went to Jambo 2005, and WOW! I cant wait to go back in 2010. my concil just merged with another, very sad for me since i have been in it for a very long time. i still wear the patch and will always wear it. so anyway, this is a cool forum and i hope to take to you guys soon. - Scouter06 -
  2. Scouter06

    What's the admonition??

    oooo you are right it is on the jumpstart site, it is whispered to you, it sounds scary. lol
  3. Scouter06

    lets hear the jamboree stories

    Yes Jambo was a blast!!! i was from troop 1028, the walk to see the president was very long and tiring, i cant wait to go back as jambo staff in 2010
  4. Scouter06


    I just got Brotherhood Wednesday!!!! yayaya!!! go me, i studied hard to learn the song on the obligation, and the admonition. i am real proud of myself, that same week i got the highest honor of the blackhawk honor,dont know if anyone else outside my council would know what that is, but i got it!
  5. Scouter06

    What's the admonition??

    the admonition is not on the jumpstart site nor is it in your handbook, you are better off asking a another lodge member.