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    Revised Customer Service Contact

    Fellow Scouters: I am working to correct ALL the outstanding customer service issues that need to be dealt with. I apologize to all of you for the very long delay in answering and dealing with each of your issues. I am currently the only person handling these and considering the fact that our shipping and order entry system was inaccessible for awhile I have numerous problems to correct and follow up on - in addition to my regular job. Please be patient a little bit longer. I am not ignoring you - just overwhelmed with issues that all need attention NOW at worst and at least a month ago at best. Please send (or re-send) e-mails to customerservice@scouter.com. We have corrected the system configuration problem which was causing some of your e-mails to be undeliverable. Again - I sincerely apologize for all the problems and frustrations this has caused. There are a few of those on this end too I must say. Please bear with us a bit longer while I try to adress each of the outstanding issues you have. Dena
  2. Please note the following revision to the email address: Anyone with customer service issues with SCOUTER Catalog that need resolving please contact orders@scouter.com with the information. We will be happy to assist you with any problems and questions you may have. We apologize for any inconvenience
  3. Please note the following revision to the email address: Anyone with customer service issues with SCOUTER Catalog that need resolving please contact orders@scouter.com with the information. We will be happy to assist you with any problems and questions you may have. We apologize for any inconvenience
  4. SCOUTER-Brandon

    Chartered Representative Training

    The following message was accidentally deleted-I am re-posting, below. YIS, MaryAnn Posted by: TheCommish (New Member) Posted on: 1/13/2001 10:36:50 PM I hope this will help, but here it is. There is a formal training for COR's. The material should be available through your DE or the Field Director, however, and District Commissioner worth their Insigna should have it as well. As for quality unit? NO. The District Exec is required to visit the COR's or IH's at least once a year for quality District. As for training, I have put together a power point on COR's and Committe Chairs since they are part of a unit Key 3 with the Unit Commissioner. I hope this helps!!
  5. SCOUTER-Brandon

    Moral Values

    Due to its length, this thread is closing in 24 hours. I commend the majority of participants on your thoughtful and courteous postings. I remind everyone that use of inappropriate words or remarks will not be permitted on these forums. YIS, MaryAnn
  6. Scouting Community - can anyone help with this or offer suggestions? Subject: Eagle Scout 1963 My husband received his Eagle Scout award in 1963 here in Columbia, MO. We suffered a total house fire in October 1999 and we lost everything, including my husband's Boy Scout and Eagle Scout memorabilia. It is my desire to be able to replace this for him (his Eagle Scout). Our council said they had nothing from 1963 and that we might possibly be able to locate something via the internet. Can you possibly help me?? I would love to be able to replace this for him, especially since our son is now an Eagle Scout as well. I can be reached at mcallisterteresa@hotmail.com Thank you for your assistance!!!
  7. SCOUTER-Brandon

    Share your memorable moments

    I invite you to read the article "Scouter Music" http://www.scouter.com/features/0328.asp and to share words that have been music to your ears, too. Read what has special memories for others in our online Scouting community - http://www.scouter.com/features/0329.asp To submit your quotes email maryann@scouter.com
  8. SCOUTER-Brandon

    New Forums Added

    You may have noticed there are several new forums which have been added over the past few days. These are in response to your requests. At SCOUTER we do listen to what you have to say. The new forums operate with the same rules as the previous forums. Hate messages, or those that contain inappropriate language, or verbal attacks on other participants will not be tolerated and will be removed. SCOUTER will determine whether or not a message is appropriate for the standards of SCOUTER.com. I commend the SCOUTER Community on your conduct on these forums. Every group has an occasional person who abuses the situation, but thankfully such types are rare here. As has been my experience throughout my Scouting years, I find the large majority of Scouters are good, caring people who are in this for the Scouts. Thank you for the job you do. As always, if you see something you believe is inappropriate, email admin@scouter.com or myself at maryann@scouter.com. YIS, MaryAnn Online Editor, SCOUTER.com
  9. SCOUTER-Brandon

    Moral Values

    I also thank you Mike. While open discussion is healthy for everyone, there is never a place for hatred on SCOUTER or in Scouting. Thank you, and thank all of you who respond quickly to see that such messages are quickly deleted. If you ever question something, please email maryann@scouter.com or editor@scouter.com. Our reponse will be swift. As always, I know I can depend on our online Scouting community for help and support with such situations. BTW, if you have ANY questions you need help with, feel free to email me. I don't always have the answers but can usually find someone who does. YIS, MaryAnn
  10. SCOUTER-Brandon

    Thankful Scouters

    This Thanksgiving, as a Scouter, what are you thankful for?
  11. SCOUTER-Brandon

    Scouts with a Handicap

    You may be interested to know that the next issue of SCOUTER Magazine(after the one due to mail this week) will begin a New Regular Section about Scouts with disAbilities. It will feature articles written by Scouters who share the difficulties, the benefits, the practical solutions, the successes of working with these Scouts who, as one Scouter told me, "can do and/or learn most everything any other Scout can do - it just requires a few more creative ways of doing and teaching." Several articles have already been contributed for the initial section. If you or your Scouts wish to share your experiences and how you handle these special situations, email me at maryann@scouter.com. I'll be happy to talk with you about the possibility of finding some space in SCOUTER magazine or on the NetCompass in which to tell the rest of the Scouting community about it. MaryAnn Online Editor, SCOUTER NetCompass Managing Editor, SCOUTER Magazine maryann@scouter.com
  12. SCOUTER-Brandon

    Junior Leader Training

    [Note from Editor: I accidently deleted this thread. I am reposting it along with the reply.] _______________________________________________________________________ scouter659 New Member Junior Leader Training Posted: Thursday, September 14, 2000: 7:40:54 AM I'm an ASM in a Troop of almost 50 boys. We're entering our 3rd year of having a JLT course which we hold from October through early june. We meet and have classes at a regular meeting once a month and (we camp every month as well) we also hold a class on both Fri. & Sat. at camp throughout the year. It ends with a very elaborate JLT graduation weekend in early June. I was just wondering if there are other Troops out there doing an elaborate Junior Leader Training course and possible a 'fresh' exchange of ideas ______________________________________________________________________ SCOUTER-Brian New Member RE: Junior Leader Training Posted: Thursday, September 28, 2000: 4:47:58 PM You might be able to obtain some new ideas for the course by searching through the Council JLT Course Guide. National updates the course about once every three years (if I remember correctly), and ity is a valuable resource that you might be able to use in the Troop JLT sessions as well.
  13. SCOUTER-Brandon

    scout leader

    Being raised a corn-fed Hawkeye myself, I'm not surprised to hear that Iowa Scouts do great things! Iowa - You not only make me Smile - You Make Me Proud! Keep up the good work. MaryAnn SCOUTER Online Editor
  14. SCOUTER-Brandon

    Cub Scout Pack Management Software

    Try the Unit Mangement Software NetCompass Point at http://www.scouter.com/compass/Leaders_Resource/Software/Unit_Management/ You may find what you need there. YIS, MaryAnn Online Editor SCOUTER NetCompass
  15. SCOUTER-Brandon

    Cub Scout Day Camp Nature Station Ideas

    How about 1. Make an insect zoo 2. Make a terrarium 3. Make a lightning bug lantern 4. Take a plaster cast of animal tracks 5. Take a break during a hike and sit as quiet as possible - afterward talk about all the nature sounds they heard. 6. Push a foot-long stick into the ground. Look at the shadow. Put another stick at the end of the shadow. Check back later to see if the shadow moved. Discuss why? 7. Pick up litter while hiking. 8. Discuss fire safety.