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    Glass half empty or half full

    I say it is neither Half full nor half empty. It is JUST a half a Glass. Either drink the rest of it or give it to some one else who is thuristy!
  2. Greetings friends and fellow Scouters I came home today from Wood Badge W7-589-2-08. Camp Kiesel Near Ogden Utah Since this is my second time through WB I feel somewhat qualified to comment and revive this thread. My first course was W1-611-87. That was 21 years ago. A broad perspective between the two courses. Both of my WB experiences will without doubt be remembered as high points in my life. My first course I was young and filled with expectations. Now I am much older and have hiked a few miles in these old boots. As has been said of the old course, much time was taken up camping, cooking and practicing scout skills. The modern course much of your time is spent listening to lectures. In My Humble Opinion the BSA spent too much on these presentations. The whole course felt too much like a big business training seminar aimed at businessmen with PhDs. I am just an old country boy with a high school diploma. Most of what was presented went so far over my head I could not tell you hardly anything that was taught. What I thought was missing was good old fashioned know how practical things like how to sit a boy down and talk to him, how to express love and concern in an appropriate manor. I remember listening to lectures in my first course but I also remember understanding them. Well maybe I am getting old. I am not as quick as I once was. I do know one thing, I do love scouting, working with the boys and adults. I plan to work my ticket and wear two sets of beads. Who knows maybe Ill go back to WB in 20 more years. See you on the Trail Scout Master
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    So what do you do for a living?

    Professional Santa Claus
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    Just as I suspected Why doesn't this forum allow pictures???
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    Greetings my fellow Scouters

    Greetings my fellow Scouters I am very excited to find your sight. I am an old Scouter with over 25 years active service. Since moving to a new area, I have taken a somewhat lesser role than I once did though still maintaining my membership and an occasional summer camp or High adventure trip. My scouting experience as a boy was both in the sunny state of Florida and in Washington State. I became active as an adult when my oldest son started Cub Scouts and continued many years past the youngest sons last camp. I have served in several troop, pack, and district positions. Of course Scoutmaster for the majority of my time. I attended 15 summer camps, 10 High adventure trips and slept on the ground over 200 nights I have also paddled countless hundred miles in my old aluminum canoe. I first attended Wood Badge back in 1987. W1-611-87. Now 21 years later I find my self-preparing to attend Wood Badge for the 21st Century. Wow I never saw this one coming. Back to Gilwell!!! During the last eight or so years many of my skills have become somewhat out dated I am very excited to re-learn some old ones and discover many new ones. I hope to both prepare my self here and perhaps offer some of my experience to anyone who needs it. See you on the Trail Matty Ross I used to be a Beaver Im Gunna be a _________