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  1. Excellent topic. I've already taken some notes. When my son was ready to cross over we looked at two troops, the two closest to us. We're very rural and 25 miles is as close as they get. He picked the Troop that seemed to be having the most fun and were friendliest to him. I would have picked the other Troop due to its handier location, bigger meeting room, more convenient meeting time, more uniformed adults. The biggest "turnoff" for my son was the older Scouts were not friendly. At the time I had no idea what questions to ask about a troop. Neither did my son's Webelo leader.
  2. What did Batman say to Robin just before they got into the batmobile???? "Get into the batmobile Robin!" Sorry, dumb joke. I enjoy the humor and useful information on this forum. It's helped me more than any one single resource for Scouting. Bob White has been one of the most helpful contributors. I think Mr. BW is just taking a leave of absence and will be back when he's ready. I don't have any proof or inside knowledge, that's just my gut feeling. Ken
  3. Sorry NJ, I don't see any "political grandstanding", as you put it, only a POLITICIAN (duh, he's a politician) in a position to do something about the attacks the evil ACLU has made against the Boy Scouts. I applaude Senator Frist's efforts! I will be contacting my senators tomorrow and urging them to support this effort.
  4. in OUR troop FIELD uniforms are expected to be worn to all regularly scheduled meetings, ceremonies, and during travel to & from campouts. We do have one meeting a month that is game night where ACTIVITY uniforms are expected to be worn. Other than that, what to wear is decided after a discussion with the SPL & SM. Ken
  5. There are experiences with most of the Scouts that I'd rate 8-10. And there are experiences with some of my fellow Scouters I'd rate 8-10. But then there are the troublemaker-Scouts and adults that score 3 and below. Right now I'd have to give my Scouting experience a 3. Two months ago while hiking in the Grand Canyon with the best of our Troop it was a 10! Especially when the first trout was pulled out of the river. I've never minded working too hard, having to pay an extra share, using my vehicle as primary transportation, doing the job of somebody who had volunteered then
  6. BW, Thanks for the response. That's the kind of discussion and help I was hoping to find on this thread. I would welcome any further help you have time for. Over the phone would work for me. For those of you that have decades of experience being an adult leader in Scouting I would appreciate hearing about any failures you've had using any aspect of the program and how you overcame them, or maybe you didn't. Even if you're a newbie like myself I would like to hear your stories. It's probably the "troubleshooter" in me, which is my profession, but I enjoy hearing how others have deal
  7. The PLC. Our Scouts meet once a month for a PLC. They are supposed to fine tune the following month's meeting plans and then plan a rough outline of the month after that (which all follows a yearly plan done in May). The SPL has no idea what to do, even after being given several suggestions by adults. The ASPL usually takes over the meeting and tells the rest what the plan will be. The Scribe takes few notes, if any. Nobody ever sees the scribe's notes after the meeting. Campouts & other activities are given little if any consideration. The Troop would quickly fall apart withou
  8. Litney is what you get when you kneel down too close to the campfire! If you're kneeling to pray that could make it a Christian lit knee? Sorry, I have no useful suggestions. Welcome to the forum CHIPHUTCH!
  9. We're a Troop, around 20 Scouts. Our PLC recently overturned the "no personal tents" rule. They felt if a Scout is willing to bring their own gear they are more likely to take good care of it and, by example, teach others how to care for a tent. It also provides an opportunity to see how different types of tents work, as there is a variety of tents owned. This reconsideration came up before a backpacking trip. Our Troop tents are more suited for car-camping. Our Troop has about 8 3-man tents of the dome style, Wenzel brand I believe. They have served us well for about 4 years.
  10. Hepatitas A does not sound like any fun. We've been lucky never to have had any serious problems from contaminated food on our outings. I say lucky because I know the Scouts dont always practice perfect hygiene around the kitchen. A bottle of hand sanitizer sounds like an easy way to get clean before preparing food, but does it really get the hands CLEAN? It doesn't seem to take the dirt off. I've heard of a hand washing setup that uses a 5 gallon bucket, some pieces of tubing, and a small pump, similar to that used to prime an outboard boat motor, for a hand washing station. Of
  11. Here's a site that has a ton of links: http://members.aol.com/T915/Leaders_Corner.htm Take care over there. Ken
  12. ) What type of scouting unit is it? Troop 2) Do you feel you have a well functioning committee? If I have to answer yes or no only, I would say yes. 2) How many memebers are on it and what are their specific assignments? About 12. Chair, Advancement, hospitality, adult quartermaster, transportation, treasurer, charter org. rep., chaplain, newsletter, the rest help out when they can.
  13. Most of the Scouts in our troop are too poor to afford the $2 per can price of Red Bull and such. Soda is nearly restricted on all our campouts. It is used as a reward occasionally though. We encourage water, gatorade, & powdered mixes. I don't have a problem with soda as long as it doesn't cause a problem. Soda is not allowed on backpacking trips due to the weight and diuretic (sp?) properties of caffeine. More garbage to pack out too. I on the other hand do prefer coffee in the mornings and a Monster Energy drink in the afternoon (They are 16 oz. Twice the size of Red
  14. The usefulness of this forum is incredible! Thanks to all for the feedback. The idea of having the PLC assist in recruiting adult help is a great one. I will give that more thought and present it to them. We do have a curmudgeon in the Troop that runs people off. He is our COR and knows it all (he told me so). Really, he is very knowledgeable and can organize any kind of event. He is our biggest asset but at the same time offends those that are sensitive. He is only part of the problem though. If the committee were functioning correctly he wouldn't have as much influence as he
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