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  1. I must admit I am a little surprised about the tone of some of the post on this thread. I have two separate shirts for my two main positions in scouting (Scoutmaster and District Commissioner). When I wear the uniform I wear a full scout uniform down to the socks. My SM shirt has CSP, unit numbers, SM position patch, trained strip, quality unit patch and six square knots. I do not wear my climbing instructors patch or a name tag and I normally do not wear temp patches. My DC uniform has CSP, DC position patch, Arrow Head, six knots, OA flap and a name tag. I can not remember ever w
  2. I love my campaign hatI bought mine two years ago after my first full year as a scoutmaster. I do not wear it to day to day scouting events and activities. At the urging of some of our scouts, I originally bought it to wear at assemblies at summer camp. I must admit was a little hesitant in purchasing it because not many adults in my area wear one and did not want to stick out (or have anyone think I was on an ego trip). However, the scouts in our troop like it when I wear it. In fact I had to turn around on my way to an assembly and go back to my tent once at summer camp this year beca
  3. Our troop wears uniforms 95% of the time. Full Field (Class A) Uniform to and from camp, to and from camporees, to MBUs and other district/council activites and yes normally to and from campouts. They do wear a "full" Class B to and from campouts sometimes in the warmer months. In fact unless they are wearing a bathing suit or hiking in extreme cold they are in some type of uniform. Even on the AT they hiked in the activity (Class B) uniform of troop t-shirt, scout shorts (mainly swithbacks) and even the Thorlo style scout socks. They wear Class B (down to the socks) at camp all week ever
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