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  1. How do I start and continue a boy led troop. I have started a troop from a Webelos den a year ago. I have 9 scouts that are 12 years old. I have an older scout of 14. How do I make the transition from adult led to boy led??
  2. I have meet many people that were notan Eagle Scout in charge of running a troop that have no business leading boys because they are only thinking of what awards they can earn that they never had the chance to earn as a boy. Just because your an Eagle scout does not you the excuse that you don't need to be trained. I have also meet Eagle scouts that are doing the job better because they are an Eagle scout. Sometimes I wonder if leaders automatically bash a leader because they were an Eagle scout. Or I hear "you should know that because your an Eagle scout." Scouting changes daily and if you a
  3. Speaking on behalf of a newly beaded beaver, we are out there. Eric in Florida I used to be a beaver SR-729
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