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  1. I'm going to Webelos Woods with my son and for the lashing station it says to we will see who ties the best pittilatter. I can't find this word anywhere. Maybe a mistype?
  2. Find out what your pack year is and go from there. Our pack year runs from Sept-Aug, so I started the clock Sept 1. We had our crossover ceremony later that month. We are now Webelos II as of this Sept and will crossover in Feb to the troop.
  3. fgoodwin, The only "official" source that I have is my local scout store. They will NOT be ordering any more blue diamond webelos patches but will continue to sell what they have in stock. Now, what I'm not sure of is if the blue diamond will not be available even if the store wanted to order them. And though the cubmaster has a general rule just for uniformity, I'm sure if a family decides to get the tan uniform before it's recommended, the scout won't get a demerit
  4. In my pack, the cubmaster wants as a general rule the Webelos I to wear the blue uniforms and the Webelos II to wear the tan. When the badge is earned, the boys will get both the blue diamond and the tan oval. However, if the boy has outgrown his blue uniform by the time he is a Webelos, or is just joining as a Webelos, then he can just get the tan uniform. I have heard that the blue diamond patch IS being phased out. My local store is not ordering anymore, but they are continuing to sell what they have. Therefore, it's safe to assume that very soon all webelos will be required to have the tan uniform.
  5. What constitutes a day hike? Does it have to be a specific length or time? What should we bring? I can't find anything definitive online. The cubmaster suggested that we do this with the Boy Scout Troop but I think that a hike with a troop would be too much. Right now, my boys are Webelos I.
  6. I'm going to use one of the patches in the boys scout catalog and personalize it for my den. Giving a patch as incentive never hurts. BTW, I'm giving the FIRST boy an extra incentive - a cub scout wallet
  7. My Webelos Scouts are working towards Arrow of Light now. As an incentive for memorizing the Oath and Law, I wanted to give the first boy who gets it correct a patch (or some other small gift). Is there a Scout oath / law patch? What other incentive would you recommend?
  8. I would really like it back. Someone changed the email address on it and I can't even get the password. Can a moderator help me with this?
  9. I thought I saw one in the ceremony book. I don't just want to say "hey you're the new denner". Anyone have any ideas?
  10. Anyone know where I can get the theme patches from Sept 04-Aug 05? My son was a Bear during that time frame and I would love to add them to his patch blanket.
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