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  1. Test this site, Please www.troop5bsa.cjb.net Does it work?
  2. Let him join, or you will lose him forever.
  3. I like it, very professional
  4. Have you been to http://www.troop5bsa.cjb.net ?
  5. pwlane

    New Website

    Have you been to the uniform section of http://www.troop5bsa.cjb.net ?
  6. Thanks for helping. No I do not have a cub site, but you have given be a good idea. PS. Do the slide shows work?
  7. Robin, I had firewall problems, please try again.
  8. I may have fixed the problem. Please try again.
  9. Sorry for the outage. Please visit http://www.troop5bsa.cjb.net Comments Welcome
  10. I disagree. Being in Full Uniform is a deterrent to wildness/being child like. When wearing class A both the scout knows and the people around them know how they should act.
  11. I agree with the above post. Although I generally do not approve of camo, there is nothing wrong with either camo or the full uniform as they are both good in there own way. Also, there is nothing wrong with being like the military. Just don't be a militant hate group.
  12. Sorry email techsupport@troop5bsa.cjb.net Will
  13. The site was down. Try Again. Thanks Alot
  14. Cool Website www.troop5bsa.cjb.net It is AWESOME
  15. I see no problem with the shorts. As a scout myself, I hate to see the uniform I wear torn to shreads. All of you would do more good to accept the uniform as it is. You are hurting scouting.
  16. pwlane


    Should I wear my sash to my Board of revue
  17. Has your patrol earned the patrol star?
  18. Thanks, now that we will wear A uniform, my question is, which on, however, I am leaning to Full Class A.
  19. I am a patrol leader. My patrol is out of control. It seems that I can find no respect for me, the SPL or any other jr. leader for about 1/2 of my patrol members. They also have problems "remembering" their jobs(Scribe etc.)
  20. What should my friend and I wear to a meeting with a merit badge counciler(ie, Plain, Full Class A, Field Class A{Class A - neckerchief}, Class B). This is outside of the regular troop meetings.
  21. This man is not for scouting.
  22. I am looking for excuses TO wear the full uniform. Any Ideas?
  23. What are the little red loops on the shoulder for?
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