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  1. I have a few to add: Order of the Arrow website: http://oa-bsa.org/ Philmont Scout Ranch: http://www.scouting.org/philmont/main.shtml Scout Buyer Guides: http://www.troop111.org/buyer.html Dutch Oven Recipes: http://www.mydutchoven.com/index.php The MacScouter - Scouting Resources Online: http://www.macscouter.com/ Scouting-related Resources for Scouters: http://www.scoutorama.com/
  2. I find that forums are better, because there seems to be less ignorant jerks running rampant on Scouting site. Also, forums are usually moderated, and the spammers and such are banned.
  3. I am the very proud webmaster of our website, as well as having been the Scribe for a year and a half running. Our site is designed using PHP-Nuke (http://phpnuke.org/), and it has a calendar, image gallery, forum, and a compendium of Scouting links, along with a few other features. Please, take the quiz on the right side of the page. The answer is further down the page. http://www.troop472.com/index.php
  4. Our CO - Cloverdale United Methodist Church They let us use a decent amount of space, for our regular meetings and Court of Honors. The congregation really does nothing. We raised a grand total of 20 dollars for an Eagle project, and working on THEIR courtyard, no less. The pastor is basically the same; I've never seen anyone fromthe church at a meeting. 3/10
  5. I'm from Troop 472 in Cloverdale, Virgina. I'm the webmaster for our website, http://www.troop472.com I love Scouting, and I'd like to know about other's experiences.
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