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  1. Hello New Den Leaders for Bear Scouts. Wanted to know can you have a flag and a banner? In what purpose are they used?
  2. CC by Trickery, I think that is a wonderful idea to charge $1 a meeting. I usually ask for $5 which comes out to about $1 a meeting. I cannot get over the fact you have 15 scouts. How do you manage?
  3. Seattle Pioneer, You made a good point in your post. I like that the scout that is on time is the Denner. Just starting as a leader this year I have rotated the scouts every couple of weeks (10 scouts) To get used to being in a leadership role. I have yet to have all 10 scouts at a den/pack meeting anyways, so it works out that they rotate. I think next year we will concetrate on doing the Denner and an Assistant together, so that they can take a more active role than they did this year for proper leadership training. I am researching information how to go about it properly, so they will be
  4. This is a really good question that I was wondering myself. My son has earned quite a bit of belt loops since he was a Bear last year. Our Pack is small and basically startng over. So I thought that maybe it would be better for him to move on and work on the requirements to receive a pin for each because he can be challenged a little more.
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