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    Uniform Costs

    I also agree that the costs of BSA uniforms are high considering the quality. Although the current uniforms are far better than the light weight olive green uniforms of the early 70s - they fit better than those did too. But the current uniforms are no where near the quality of the heavy olive green uniforms of the 60s. I personally like the tan shirts and the olive green trousers. However, the quality is poor. Stitching comes undone too easily, the trousers are of poor quality and the fit could be better. The shorts are too baggy and too long. I would prefer pocket flaps on all 4 of the trouser pockets - especially the back pockets. Those of you who remember the heavy olive uniforms of the 60s will remember even the front trouser pockets had a flap that could be buttoned down out of the way for easy access to the pocket - or you could button the pocket up to prevent things from falling out. I would like to see two type of trousers, a dress pair similar to slacks and a field pair with pocket flaps and a cargo pocket on the side of the both legs above the knees. A strap adjustable waist rather than elastic would be great on the field trousers. The tan shirts need longer tails and need to be more wrinkle and stain resistant. Now one can prolong the life of the current uniform by just plain taking care of it. Hand the shirts - I always encourage Scouts to take a lightweight plastic hanger on outings to hang their shirts rather than wad them up. I do not encourage Scouts to wear their uniforms around campfires, when cooking, high adventure, etc. Just wears them out faster. I would also like to see an official long sleeve T-Shirt for wear under the short sleeve tan shirt when the weather is cool. This would prevent us from having to buy long sleeve shirts. Lots of us wear a long sleeve T-Shirt under our tan shirts but they are of every color. Perhaps colors such as tan, brown, olive green or forest greenare good suggestions. I wear a forest green one. Might even have the option of a turtleneck.... I think what is needed is a complete review of our current uniforms - paying particular attention to quality and cost. A good contract negotiator paired with someone who knows about uniforms and fabric could get better quality and pricing. Another thing. The red wool shirt jac is way too expensive and not safe at all for cold weather. It is basically a very expensive wool shirt. I would suggest an acrylic pile jacket of similar design with a hooded nylon windbreaker that could be worn separately or over the pile jacket. I picked up a forest green zip up the front pile jacket and a forest green hooded nylon zip up jacket which is water resistant at Wal-Mart for about $30 for both. The layering is great and it gives two separate wear options. Not official but to my knowledge there is no official required outterwear. And the forest green is a great color - looks good with the Boy Scout uniform. And for wet weather, I have a forest green wet weather parka that I can wear over the whole works if I have too. Another layer for cold weather. I have a similar set up in Olive Drab green. Just my opinion. But it sounds like the cost and quality of the Scout uniform is a concern for all of us.
  2. Pocketknife

    Campfire Robe

    Thanks for the Capote information! This is the type of information I am looking for. If anyone else has any other related information please let me know. Thanks again!
  3. Pocketknife

    Campfire Robe

    The type of campfire robe I am looking to make is sometimes referred to as a Capote. Looks kind of like a long heavy loose fitting bathrobe but with a hood. What I am needing to find is an actual pattern. Not just pictures. I have pictures. Thanks.
  4. Pocketknife

    Staying active in Scouting after 18?

    Tachion, If you are not yet 18, I would register with a Troop and arrange for an Eagle Court of Honor. Course it is your choice. I am not big on ceremony either and have often preferred to just be mailed my awards - both in Scouting and in my professional life. But earning the Eagle rank is a major event and if you want it you should have a Court of Honor. Once you turn 18 you can of course register as an adult Boy Scouter. Like the others have said, most troops would love to have you. Another option would be the venturing program. You can register in a Venturing Crew as a youth and remain until you turn 21. You can even be an adult Boy Scouter and a youth Venturing Crew member! If you want that is. Venturing is a great program - you should check it out. I am a registered Scouter in both a Boy Scout Troop and a Venturing Crew. Please do consider staying involved in Scouting.
  5. Pocketknife

    Campfire Robe

    I am looking for a pattern for a campfire robe. I plan on using a wool blanket to make my robe from. If anyone can help, please do. Thanks.
  6. Pocketknife

    Is Wood Badge over as we know it?

    jmcquillan, After several years of sending in interest forms (they do not hold applications over from year to year but insist that those interested re-submit), I was finally "invited" to attend Wood Badge training. I have been involved in Scouting for over 30 years having served in various youth and adult positions and units. I know I might get a lot of flak on this, but it is clear to me, that getting "invited" to attend Wood Badge is more who you know than who you are. The entire process, as far as I have been exposed to, is secretive and it is very difficult to uncover any information about it. At least in the Councils that I have been in. Inquiries to paid professional Scouters who should have the answers resulted in being directed to volunteer Scouters who gave inaccurate or incomplete information. I discovered that no records where kept as to who submitted "interest" forms - unless they were "invited". "Interest" forms where not date and time stamped on receipt at the Council office so that there was no possibility of tracking them. For several years I turned in interest forms and when I called to check up on them, I was told that they had no record of ever receiving them. My understanding, according to the volunteer Scouters I was directed to is that unit Scouters are supposed to have priority yet District and Council Scouters are routinely "invited". I don't know for sure if that policy is true as I have not seen a copy of the polciy/procedure. Applicants are not informed of the selection process and to date I have yet to receive a copy of the official procedures for selection (why is it secret?). Loyalty is a two way street. In some Councils, Wood Badge is viewed, especially by those with the beads, as a badge of honor, a status symbol, rather than the commitment and advanced training that it is supposed to be. Some Wood Badgers look down upon non-Wood Badgers. Sad but true. There will be those of you who disagree with my comments but there are those of you out there that know exactly what I refer to. Those of us that ask these hard questions are not appreciated at all. Why should we have to be "invited" when the program should be open to all that qualify? It is the only Scouter training that I have been exposed to that one is "invited". I have given and given and given as a volunteer Scouter, quietly, just doing what I can when I can. I virtually had to beg to attend Wood Badge. I want Wood Badge training so that I might be a better and more skilled Scouter, a better trained resource for the youth members. No other reason. I am pleased that I got "invited" but I am dismayed that it took so many years. I hope that my Wood Badge training experience will be good, that it will provide information that if I use it properly will make me a more vaulable resource to Scouting, and that if I get my beads, I will do what I can to promote Wood Badge for what it is.
  7. Pocketknife

    Campfire Robe

    I am seeking patterns for a campfire robe. I plan on using a wool blanket to make the robe from and would like it to have a hood. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks.