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  1. I am personally appalled at some of the comments made on this site. I mean, whether or not homosexuality is wrong, they are people too. All this hoping that they will be bred out of existence. People are acting as if they are an unwanted cancer, eating away at the fabric of society. BSA promotes the ideals of "love thy neighbor." And that is exactly what we should do. BSA doesn't discriminate on race, and even sex, as shown by our Venturing program, so why should we discriminate against homosexuals. Discrimination of any type is not "morally straight."
  2. So, let me get this right. Your sexual orientation is an incredibly huge deciding factor in how 'moral' you are. Could someone show me any evidence, outside the Bible, Koran, or any other religous text, that proves that homosexuals are more likely to commit acts of molestation and/or other acts of crime? I beleive that homosexuals are just like you and me, only they happen to be attracted to members of the same sex. Now I, being a heterosexual male, have several female friends. Does the fact that I am sexually attracted to females mean I am going to sexually abuse them? No, of course not,
  3. It just seems to me that we shouldn't judge people based on their sexuality. I've known plenty of homsexuals who are terriffic people. In fact they are better than some straight people that I know. While, I am not saying that the Bible is wrong, in fact I think the Bible has extremely terrific examples of how to live life. If more people emulated Jesus's life, the world would be a much better place, and the same goes for almost all religions. But homosexuals are just as good or bad as other people. They can still teach boys leadership, and how to live a good life of service. And if t
  4. Doesn't the very idea of discrimination go against, what the BSA stands for. America has always been a promoter of equality, and doesn't the BSA try to folow that model. By telling homosexuals that they cannot participate we are are easily discriminationg against them. Also, if people use the Bible to back up why homosexuality is wrong, aren't they FORCING their religion on others. Again that seems to not be following the scout teachings. Christianity is not the only religion recognized by BSA, as you can see by the many religous awards. If that is the case, then why do we enforce a Chri
  5. The best patrol I have ever been in was the "What" Patrol. When people asked us," What is your Patrol name." We would reply,"Yes. Yes it is." And so on and so forth. It was a good time.
  6. The guidebook doesn't say anything about 18 yr. olds not serving. It claims there must me at least three 21year olds, and that is at the least. But it can also be interpreted that there can 18-20 year olds, ALONG with the three 21 year olds.
  7. I am just wondering, what is the age for an adult to become a committee member? I am an Eagle Scout who has been 18 for about 6 months now, and am told by our committee chairman that I am not old enough. From what I understand there is no age limit. The Troop Committee Guidebook states that a committee chairman needs at least three 21 yearolds on it, but nothing about not having 18-20 year olds involved on the committee. I would appreciate any response.
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