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  1. Hey everyone! I didn't think that my post would still being read. A lot has happened since May. I did turn down the "council" but the good news is that I know that I will be back someday. We found out that the baby I am caring is a little girl. Her sister is very happy. But when it comes to BSA we still have one more to go thru with. My husband went to summer camp this year for the first time. My husband is not a big fan of Scouts(bad experiences as a Cub Scout) but went because he wanted to spend time with our two older boys. He got that Scouting bug and thinks he wants to start helping
  2. I have decided to step down from my current position as Treas. of our local troop. I was the Cubmaster, a trainer for district, and membership chair for our district as well. I also have done things for council as well (daycamp, etc.). I have step down little by little from each job because of all that I am doing with my family. We have four children and one on the way. We home school and are active in our local church. I sent a email to our small council to notify them that I would be leaving Scouts all together. They asked me to stay on at the district level to maintain my "years in Sc
  3. Beavah, that is what I and the other parents/committee members have been doing. The boys don't feel that they can talk with the SM or the CC. We had one boy who kept getting hit by his patrol leader the(Scoutmaster's son) and he didn't feel comfortable talking with the SM. He talked with the SPL and the boy is still getting hit. We as committee members see a special relationship between the CC and SM. It's like they had a committee meeting before the real committee meeting. I am not sure it I should say something to the CC or not. I'm tired of everyone tiptoeing around our SM because we don't
  4. All of you have posted many interesting questions. I was there for most of the camporee. I ran a activity for the Cub Scouts and did all the check-in and take the money. I have a daughter the same age as the Scoutmaster's as well as having a 20 month old toddler. I stayed until dinnertime and then took off for home. I would have loved to stay at the camporee but didn't because my younger children shouldn't be there. That is my opinion! The Scoutmaster and his wife were too busy to pay attention to their daughter and she spent her time being in the boys way. This isn't the first time this has h
  5. Our troop just got back from our District Spring Camporee. Our troop was hosting the camporee. Our boys did a great job and the weather was great! My problem is that Scoutmaster and his wife had to bring their 11 year-old daughter to the camporee. Their plans for her fell thru. The camporee was held in our small town and they live about 5 minutes away. The Scoutmaster's wife was in charge of the camporee and had to be there for most of the day and evening. The boys were having a hard time with having her in camp. She has spent alot of time with the boys until a few weeks ago including other ca
  6. I found a answer to my own question and wanted to share it with everyone. In the Cub Scout Leader book in section 20-3 under Den tools & Equipment there is a nice list of sugguested items you might carry in your den box.
  7. Our dens all meet in different locations and times. We were hoping to stop some of the stress of being a new den leader by giving them a head start. That way they can work on coming up with their meeting activity. We currently have our "old" den leader pass down a folder with information about how they ran their year as a Tiger, Bear, etc. leader.
  8. Our pack committee just got done watching a BSA video that showed the committee trainer giving the new den leader a den leader box. It looked like it had paper, cups, glue, etc. in it. Does anyone out there uses these and what do you put in it? I liked the idea that you give a new den leader a plastic tub with supplies to get the started. Any ideas?
  9. I hadn't thought of using the "progress toward rank" beads. We do use the Tiger beads but should we not give out the white bead for family activity if they didn't bring their books? Isn't the book to be apart of their uniform requirements? We aren't saying that we would withhold rank without working with the parent. We all know that there are some parents/Cub Scouts who sign up and don't attend meetings/etc. We also use the charts in our den meetings so the parents and Cub Scouts can keep track of how they are doing. Does anyone bring them to the pack meetings to show them off? Does anyone loo
  10. Eamonn, what do you mean by using post it notes? mn_scout, we are trying to start treating the webelos like a boy scout. if they don't bring their book to their den leader then as far as the den leader sees it, they haven't done the work. That is how our Scotmaster works the troop. Can we do the same with Bears, Wolf, etc.? If the den leader doesn't see the book, then at the end of the year, that boy doesn't get his rank. Keeping in mind that we would announce this at the next den meeting. Any more ideas?
  11. I have had two den leaders who have asked me to research how to get the boys to bring their rank books with them to den meetings. The first problem is that the boys forget their Tiger/Wolf/Bear/Webelos books for their den meetings. The den leaders are also having a hard time getting the parents to go through their son's book and sign anything off.(example: electives) The den leaders can't sign books and teach from the books if the boys don't bring their books with them. Some of the excuses are "my mom or dad forget the book" and we have told the den leaders to say that the book isn't the paren
  12. So if there are any issues with a problem that the den leaders are having they are to take it to the Committee Chair? My main job is to only run the activities at the pack meeting that the committee chair and committee decides to do each year? Sometimes I feel like the cubmaster and the committee chair seem to be the same. How do we keep the lines clear for each person's job? If this is the case, why does the Cubmaster go to the committee meetings?
  13. Our committee is trying to have den leader meeting each month but as the Cubmaster, I'm not sure of what I'm to be doing with these meetings. Is there information from BSA or others that will guild me on ways to run these meetings? I don't remember learning how to conduct these types of meetings when I was trained. Any ideas?
  14. Hey everybody! The two den leaders(includes leader who couldn't make trainings) who I had that needed to be trained quit being leaders on Sunday. They both said that they didn't have time to give only 50% or less to the pack and didn't think that was fair to the boys. They are keeping their boys in the pack. They both offered to help out on a as needed bases. I was lucky with the fact the both of these leaders where apart of a two person team so I still have my Wolf and Bear main leaders. Just need assistant den leaders now:)
  15. The problem is that we can't get anyone to attend our district roundtables or activities. We live in a small town where no one will leave. Not even to shop. Our stores sell out of everything. It's crazy. We have children/adults who have never left their own state. It's very strange? I think you have a very good point but a lot of people in this area don't like the way roundtables are run in our district. Any excuse not to attend. Sad but true. ScoutNut, I hear you. I'm trying to be good:)
  16. The videos we have are den leader specific(new leader essentials) and fast start(youth protection training). We are suppost to get leaders trained within 30 days and our district doesn't do trainings for at least 60 days or more. Is "pack trainer" a replacement for trainer development conference? According to the information I have its conducted at council level; intended for those leaders who want more training and leadership skills and want to be a part of their area's training team. Or is that train the trainer? O also looked up pack trainer and it seems that is okay to do at the local
  17. Does anyone know if it is okay for a pack to train a den leader in your own unit? I have been training Cub leaders for years. We have the videos and I have train the trainer cert. and woodbadge. Is that enough? I have one den leader who has never gotten trained. Too busy of a schedule.
  18. I understand how the CC/CM/etc. is suppost to work but hasn't so far. Twocubdad you are right about me doing it all. It sounds like everyone is saying to get people(Committee) to commit to one job like blue & gold and then get parents to sign up under them. I'm ready to turn the show over to my CR to handle. He has offered to sit down with parents,DL,and the CC to talk about who is to do what. I know that this is one meeting I need to sitting home and putting my feet up for:) My CR gets back from vacation on Monday and I will let the forum know what the next plan is. Thanks
  19. You all have given me a lot to think about. My husband agrees that I allow people to take advance of me. I have allowed my committee and den leaders to walk all over me. In the past I have asked people to help out and when they didn't I did the job for them. My current plan is to put up posters with positions that need to be filled. If the activities positions/committee positions don't get filled in we don't do that activity. My committee chairperson doesn't want to do the job but won't step down. I get very little support from her and I land up running the committee meetings for her. I don't
  20. I'm having problem with my committee and den leaders. I can't get them to do anything. They leave it all for me to do. I just had to cancel my position in our town's annual parade because I couldn't get anyone to walk the parade with the boys. I am 9 months pregnant and can't walk and was unable to attend Cub Scout overnight camp this year. I got one person (CC) to attend with the boys and had to find other packs to share the site with us for leadership. Everyone acts like attending pack activities is a big waste of their time. We plan out these things so the boys can enjoy themselves/earn som
  21. I am the current Membership Chairperson for our area and I am having a hard time getting the Boy Scout Troops in our area to put on a recruitment night. Any ideas for having a successful night? What works for your council or area? HELP?
  22. Our local Boy Scout Troop is in need of a few new tents for camping at Camporees/etc. but we don't have alot of money but want to get a good quality tent but not spend a arm and a leg for it. Is this possible? Any Web sites or catalogs or stores with good ideas?
  23. I wasn't going to say anything about how the subject got changed but twocubdad is right. I'm glad I'm not the only one dealing with this problem. Why is it that Scouting is the first thing to go? I have tried to get across to these parents that Scouting is a small part of the big picture, that their child can do sports, etc. and still do Scouts. I have sat down with these families and talked about the belt loops, etc. also but they don't see Scouts as a very important part of their child's life. How do we change how we get across to these parents? I'm more interested in having a smaller Pack/T
  24. OldGreyEagle, I totally agree with what you are saying but these parents they put their sons in Scouting,sports, music, and religion classes and then act like Scouting is taking up most of their time. This community that we live in isn't into leaving their child at a activity, they stay. I can't seem to get across to them what Scouting is all about. I come across like I'm the only one who likes the program and its my whole life. I also do sports, PTO, full-time job, three children, husband, and we are building a new house, and we are going to add to our family soon. I am very busy outside of S
  25. How much time should we ask from our parents and Cub Scouts for Scouting? I was at a soccer practice last night and a parent of one of my Cub Scouts told me that she wasn't too sure how much she wanted her two boys to participate in Scouting because of all they do in other areas. I pointed out to her that she was having them spend about 9 - 10 hours each week on soccer this season alone. Her one son is in a den that meets once a month and is sent home with a assignment and then he attends the pack meeting for a hour each month. I figured that he spends a total of 5 hours a month doing Scouting
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