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  1. I ordered a metal and patch last week and have now received both. They look great and both were received within one week of ordering by credit card. I'm glad to see this site is back in business.
  2. I too got a very prompt response. Here is what they said about ordering: "Our online ordering site is secure utilizing SSL security methods and other protections. However, you are more than welcome to send in a mail order. The order form can be found on the awards page www.nationstrails.com/awards" I am going to try the online ordering and will update my message when I receive the award...fingers crossed.
  3. Thank you for keeping me up to date on the website. I see that they have purchase by credit card only, however I cannot find a note staying their website is secure for these types of transactions. I emailed them to ask about paying by check and agree, a trial costing $4 is a lot safer than larger amounts. The addition of the trails section is very nice. I did not know about the different patches and metals that you could earn by hiking them.
  4. Hi shortridge, We live between Annapolis and Washington DC (Bowie area). Occasionally we spend time in Ocean Pines near Ocean City.
  5. Hi, we are new to scouting. My son is a Tiger and my daughter will be a Daisy next year. We are excited and enthusiastic about all the opportunities. We have a pack but are looking for another that is more active and open for a tag-a-long sister.
  6. Eaglescout4029~ Do you have an update on the "new management" for Nations Trails Heritage? My son just completed all the requirements for the silver metal and thankfully I did some investigating before sending in the money. I cannot find a working website for them, perhaps you've had better luck?
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