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  1. I have absolutely now input on caves in southeastern U.S. But what I do have is a story from way back when we took our boys to the wild caves at Alabaster Caverns State Park in Oklahoma. There are about six wild cave, those that are not guided by state park personnel, and a couple of them are pretty difficult. The last one we did each time had a low pass where you had to go under water to get through. The boys absolutely loved it. We kept pics of them on our webpage after coming out. They were covered completely from head to toe. I mean they looked like they were dipped in chocolate. That was
  2. Lisabob, from someone who's been in similar shoes as your camp directors. I have a box full of cards and letter that I cherish. Maybe a picture of the boys who were at camp with you also. Trust me.
  3. You might look in you local council scout shop.
  4. I don't remeber for sure without taking the time to look but it seems like there might be some info on http://www.patchcamp.com/ , it worth a look if for no other reason than there are numerous links to other collecting website there.
  5. I'd give it to the boy. Plain and simply, he would appreciate it more than a collector.
  6. Rule #1 It's all about the boys. Rule #2 See rule #1 Somebody need to grow a backbone (theComm Chr) and shut the mom up.
  7. Just in case this hasn't been tossed aroud enough yet, you can use either. Or you can freelance to a certain extent. Flexibility is an often overlooked option. In that I mean there is nothing wrong with the boys taking a different or new direction. We need to be careful that we don't become to regimented. I'm on the backside now looking over my shoulder at you guys and gals who are now active. That being said, I look back at the times I tried to follow a set plan and realize that maybe it wasn't the best choice. Sometimes we can learn from what we do. That is an opportunity for the boys to exp
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