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  1. Our Pack has been doing scout accounts for the past couple of years. We do it for all levels and really like it. We figure a budget and then set dues amounts. This year Tiger Cub dues are $30 and all others are $50. Based upon the number of scouts we have these amounts will fund our operation for most of the year. Our main fall fundraiser is popcorn and cookie dough. Say a Bear scout sells enough popcorn to generate $100 in profit, we take the dues amount from that and the rest goes into his scout account. That account goes for camps and other special things the pack does not pay fo
  2. Our Advancement Chair/Registrar handles all applicaitons. She checks for accuracy and collects fees. She then coordinates with the Cubmaster and Committee Chair for signatures on scout forms and the Committee chair and COR for adult leaders. She then turns money into the treasurer and gets a single registration check from him. She also logs all new members into Packmaster. Then anyone going to the Council can drop the package off. The Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster coordinates den assignments with current den leaders and works with the Committee Chair on the formation of new dens.
  3. Well, with a 100% trained requirement to get the knot, I don't see to many of those being earned. That is, of course, unless we have a rash of pencil-whipping the records. In all seriousness, it often is difficult to get 100% trained in all positions. Adult leaders have families and other obligations and are sometimes single parents. It is difficult to add 3 to 6 more hours a month to the "one hour a week" for training. Training is usually at the convenience of the training teams schedule and why not, they have families and other obligations, too. I would not be in favor of the P
  4. Our Scout Executive is implementing through the Districts a new recruitment plan. It is to coincide with Back to School Nights and involves both volunteers and professionals from the District getting involved with each Back to School Night and getting recruitment buy-in from school district leadership and individual school principles. Some areas of the plan look great, others do not and have irritated and frustrated some Packs. One of the key changes that is most unliked is our school recruitment targets. Previously, each Pack recruited from 3 schools. There was some overlap with other Pa
  5. Geez, I hope not. Most of the boys in our Pack who were even average achievers as Wolves and Bears have no room on their shirts. You look at my son's shirt and there is no center between Wolf and Bear. Pretty soon kids would have arrow points wrapping around their sides.
  6. I just did a Google search on this topic and I am happy I found it. It am glad to see others are experiencing this issue. It would be great if BSA National would put out definitive guidance on this. We are having this same disagreement in our Pack mainly with those adults that are current Webelos den leaders or parents. It doesn't help when our local Roundtable trains that Webelos are patrols not dens. Other than the Uniform Inspection sheet which refers to the "Den Emblem", does anyone know if there is anything officially in writing that I can pass on to those who are in error?
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