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  1. I understand and agree with all of your comments. To go into more detail about my 10x harder statement may sound insulting but where I'm from its the truth. Today, about 5% of scouts recieve Eagle, only about 2% earned it. There is a term called "pencil-whipped" and it means that a leader writes off merit badges to advance scouts more quickly. In no way do I feel a 13-year old child is deserving of this rank. My fellow leaders in my troop the higher ups in my district agree with me. For them pencil whipping wasn't a big issue, I'm assuming it was because of the times. I know I'm bias bec
  2. ^^ I second that version. It is in-depth enough for a good knowledge of trees and with the pocket size its very portable.
  3. In my district, my troop is the only troop that requires the uniform to be worn at all meetings. Sashes are formal wear ONLY, and OA are for OA events only. As far as socks and pants and hats go, we wear green pants/shorts. Many of the boys from my area can't afford the overpriced official wear. We take the uniforms seriously as it shows dedication and professionlism. So, we do monthly random inspections.
  4. Hello my fellow Scouters. I am Nathan Lorey. I'm from Indiana, Crossroads Council. I'm an Eagle Scout and an Adult Leader with Troop 311. I'm an Arrowmen and Camp K and Camp Grubsnar instructor. I'm very happy that I found this place. I respect it very much that this was created, so thank you.
  5. Hello, I'm new to the forums. I've been searching the internet trying to find a place like this. I have a huge issue with the redesigned eagle cards. If you do not know what they look like then do not continue reading. This post is geared towards Eagles or those who know what it looks like. The old card had so much meaning and symbolized the scouts successes. The gold card was the gold medal of scouting and to me at least was very important. It was the thing I could show everyone. You can tell people that youre an Eagle but with this gold card you can show them and immediately gain their
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