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  1. Scoutlander.com offer this option. There is a public site that anyone on the web can see, that's where I promote the Troop. Then there is the password protected or private side, every member gets issue an invite with an id and password and that's where you put your calendar, photos and other information you want to keep private or for members only. No html,even the kids(a scout webmaster) can take care of it, easy as 1,2,3... Good luck!
  2. I agree with you, if Dad wants to set the example by allowing him to go home before his responsability to his patrol and his troop is over then I don't see why he should be able to have the fun at Court of honors or other advancement recognition events. He is not fulfilling the Scout Law or the Oath and definitly not showing Scout spirit.
  3. OK guys, this subject might have been discussed before but just follow my lead for a while and help me out here. How important are uniform inspections? Are they mandatory or what's the protocol with that? I am asking because at our last Court of Honor we had a few scouts receiving 2nd class, 1st class, star and life ranks but their uniform shirts are only displaying the Unit's numbers. No patch of rank, position, patrol or any other patches, just the insignias that come with the shirt out of the store! These are scouts that have been in the Unit for over 2 years and noone is saying anything? What will you do if a scout shows up at his Tenderfoot BOR wearing his Webelos insignia instead of the Scout rank patch? They have all being given the new insignias when they earned them for free! How long is "too long" for a new or seasoned scout to update those insignias? I am too piky? I am fairly new to the Troop but it's alarming to see that no SM, ASM or CC are saying anything about this problem.Should I race the point at the next Committee meeting and call it to the adult leaders' attention and suggest to have a uniform inspection soon? help me out here, I don't want to sound harsh or pushy but isn't Uniform an important part of being a scout?
  4. Your troop is not the only one, we have the same problem, just because the parents are at the meetings, if they are holding BOR's they gey pull up to participate. Is sad because the kids are getting their ranks without really being prepared. I have participated in a few(I'm a CM), but because mayority rules, out of 4 3 say yes anD what ever my opinion is it doesn't count. My son has his tenderfoot BOR coming up and I know he is prepared but let's see how it goes. Is this the norm?
  5. Thanks for your replies, I was told to take the strip off because I'm not trained by an ASM. I guess he doesn't know much of my training record and just wanted to intimidate me, will talk next time I see him...
  6. In our unit the flag ceremony also include the scout's law ans Oath, I agree that practice make perfect, that's the way to make sure everyone remembers
  7. I will like to know what kind of training is necessary to qualify an adult scouter in a troop with a committee position, to wear the Trained stip on their uniform?I have already taken YP, safety afloat, committee training,weather hazards,this is scouting,safe swim defense.Can I wear my trained strip?
  8. I think the point of some people including me, a fairly new leader with very little knowledge of the program until I joined as an adult a couple of years back,is how some of this adults in my area (and around the country) like to throw their beads and training in the non wb's trained people insinuating that they know it all and the others don't with a hollyier than thou attitute. I have witness adults disrespecting others to the point of offense with the "this is my Pack/Troop" attitude and don't embarrased me in front of others,if you don't like it you can leave ,thanks for your time but you are not welcome here anymore, all in the name of "I have my wb beads and what do you have to show for?" making other leaders non wb trained feel like our time as volunteers is less worth than theirs. I understand that is not all, but the few give the hole group a bad name. In my area they are a big number . Just come in, do your work and respect every adult volunteer equally, wether you eat,breath and sleep scouts or is just a parent with a life besides scouts wanting to help.
  9. I was told when I crossover that my son's troop is an old school belive troop where they are very greatfull to the ladies who help with the Committee positions but at camping time is the good old boy's time and women are not so welcome, they stop short of saying that they were not aloud but a pain in the back to set up in a different camp, provide the privacy needed and keep away Mom from being Mom. So my wife is not welcome at the campouts because it will required a different camp for her or any other female. "This is not Cub scouts" is always a reminder to the single moms at the troop, so thanks for bringing little Johny, will call you on the way back from camp. What about the ladies who are not afraid of camping but rather enjoy it and know how it works?
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