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  1. TwoCubDad - Greetings from another Class of '73. We were on a camp counselor outing when Nixon resigned... Where were you? The only two places I can remember ever stating that I was an Eagle was on my college application and during Plebe Summer at US Naval Academy when the "Firstie" was looking for another squad leader. The other two squad leaders were a Recon Marine and Navy Wet Crewman, and if y'all know anything about those two disciplines in the military, I was proud that Eagle ranked up there in that Midshipman First Class's mind!
  2. Yes, it is true that Venturers under the age of 18 can continue to work to earn their Eagle.
  3. A couple of years ago, the G2SS stated that a certification from the State would suffice, now it just reads a cert from the NRA. What happened for that change to have occurred?
  4. I've been asked to intro an Eagle candidate at his BOR. What do I say? Is this a chance to provide my recommendation?
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