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  1. I'm not a big fan of the change but it that's what is going to happen, so be it. I'm the CM of my Pack, my sons are Webelos I & II so they will be learning the Oath and Law anyway. But what about all the other kids that are already in the Pack and will still be there in 2015. Do we start that year off with the new oath and law that no one knows or should we start transitioning now. I'm thinking of having the boys start learning it now. I don't worry about them no being able to learn them. If you've hung around with the little guys they can usually list every Pokemon or whatever
  2. We have an awards ceremony each December. Our gathering activity will be making an ornament using candy canes and Hershey bars with a ribbon to make a sled. The boys can decorate it and put their names on it. We'll have a tree to hang them on during the meeting. We will also be accepting gift donations under the tree for families of the states national guard stationed overseas. We have a holiday party following the awards and this year we are considering karaoke to let the kids have fun.
  3. DeanRX Yes, the boys loved the haunted house. The problem is the creation of the haunted house. The den that put this together had 9 kids and 9 dads that were all builders and engineers. The dads put in so much time setting this up. We don't have the same dynamics with any of the other groups. The den leader from that den is still in the group and knows how much time and energy was involved. He says that he can't do it with the group he has now. This is more of a need to change versus we just want to change. Thanks Nancy
  4. I really like the idea of the magic act. Our district has a Scouter that is a magician. I'll have to see if he's available and how much he costs. Having the dens do a magic act would give them a chance to get up and keep their minds on what's going on. This would definitely be something new.
  5. In the past for our Halloween Pack meeting, we had each den create a station with something for the kids to do. Over the past 3 years, one den made a haunted house in the gym. It was great and everyone loved it but they have since crossed over. Their leader is now the leader of a much smaller Wolf den with his younger son. We want to change up the meeting so that we do something fun and Halloween related but I don't want to hear "Where's the haunted house?" all night. What are some ideas that everyone uses?
  6. I was just introduced to Adventures in Reading requirements. I never saw it anywhere and no one had ever brought it up. I stopped at the Council office to see what they had available. The actual patch isn't the big question it's the additional lamps. The 3 lamps seem to be earned seperately but they are all on one patch strip. How do you handle these?
  7. We have weekly summer activities to keep the boys connected to the Pack and reduce the number of boys dropping out over the summer. We have kickball games, volleyball games, hikes, Minute-to-Win-It Night, blueberry picking and a blueberry social that same evening, and ulimate frisbee games. We also had a pizza/bowling party at the end of the school year. Those weeks that there is local day camp or the Pack goes to resident camp, we do not have another weekly gathering.
  8. Our pack presents the new boys with a Patch Banner. We make a banner from heavy blue felt about 2 1/2 ft long like a medeviel banner. It hangs on a dowel with a yellow rope to hang on a hook. We use yellow fabric paint and put their name at the top and on the angels of the point at the bottom is Pack ### and Den #. They are presented with the banner at the blue and gold as some of the newer boys don't have all the loops and other awards the other boys do. They are very proud to receive it personalized for them. We started to ask the boys to bring their banners to the blue and gold.
  9. We had a den of 9 boys that just crossed over. I was their new Cubmaster this year and they kept telling me that they weren't Cub Scouts anymore. I spoke to their DL about this and he said that this was something that they came up with. However, the DL wanted them to learn the Oath and Law for their requirements so they no longer used the Cub Scout Promise or Law. When we had Pack meetings and had the Pack say the Promise, these boys ignored what had been said to them and they all said the Boy Scout Oath. This was very disruptive and would throw off the younger boys that were still
  10. We understand that the "conditions" in the den itself are disabilities. The other requirement is to have a visitor with come and talk to the kids about their disability and what they like to do and what is hard for them. This would fit better with the kids from the den. I've put out a request to the parents if anyone knows a person with disabilities. If one of the parents volunteers their son, I'll be more than happy to have him share with the den. My son is the boy who has Aspergers so his disability is not as obvious as the boy with Autism. I thought it would make it easier for
  11. After the round up, we have our first Tiger meeting. This year I organized my Bears ahead of time and had them "plan the meeting" using games they liked and they helped teach the Tigers the Bobcat info. This gave the CM time to sit down with the parents and discuss what Tigers did and what the position of TCDL held. The Tigers got to experience a meeting with experienced kids and leaders and the parents got to see what goes on. Once we had a volunteer, the CM would go and help with a meeting or 2 to get them up and going. The biggest problem we've had is the other parents that just wa
  12. I have a Bear den of 8 boys. In this den, I have one child who's Autistic, one has Asperger's Syndrome, one has an anger management issue, one is ADHD, one has other medical issues. As the den leader, I've been finding it tough to have the boys go on "Go See Its". I want them to earn the Disabilities Awareness so that I can promote the belt loop to the rest of the Pack. Unfortunately, the boys that need to go and get an understanding probably wouldn't show up for the Go See It or would be disrespectful. I found U-tube had some videos from a school showing hearing impared teens
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