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  1. Advise your Assistant District Commissioner or District Commissioner of the issue and explain how you discovered the problem.


    There is a potential risk of injury to a scout - and potential liability on your part for being aware of it and taking no action should that injury occur.



  2. In honor of all the good ole Buffalo's out there ...


    I used to be a BUFFALO, a good ole BUFFALO too.

    But now I've finished BUFFALOING and I don't know what to do.

    I'm growing old and feeble, and I can BUFFALO no more!

    So I'm going to work my ticket if I can!


    Back to Gilwell, Happy Land,

    I'm going to work my ticket if I can!




    C-47-05 - Buffalo

    C-41-07 - Beaver Troop Guide



  3. As I started reading this thread I was curious (based on the first post of 'sexcrime lawyer.us') of what I would find in the Sponsored Ads .. so I looked:


    "Find Alpaca Farms Fast"

    "Alpaca's For Sale"

    "Exclusive Alpaca Sweaters"

    "Luxurious Alpaca Products"


    I was wondering just how we got from sexcrimes to alpacas and then I read the rest of the thread.


    Yes, it works.



  4. I would agree with Mark's assessment above and add that there are at least two other knots for Cub Scout leaders that use the blue/gold foreground and background option.


    Perhaps these colors were chosen to more closely identify with the Webelo's coloration, and to make it stand apart from the Cub Scout leader knots.



  5. mrprarar, as OGE stated rather eloquently, scout spirit isn't just what the scout does at troop meetings and campouts - it's his way of life.


    Pmickle hit the nail right on the head.


    What has he done in his church, community, and school in the intervening time? Has he lived up to the scout oath and law in his daily life even though he's not been attending meetings and campouts?


    Kids today have far more options and demands on their time than when I was a young scout. School sports, activities, clubs, and jobs are far more available. My advice is to register the scout, sit down with him and find out not only his plans, but what he's been doing in the interim. Perhaps you'll find out that he's been active on school council, community activities, etc.


    It's very possible that he's been using his scout skills and leadership ability in other areas and showing scout spirit every day.(This message has been edited by MTDScouter)

  6. Thanks for the follow-up.


    He does have the shorter sash, which fits him well. One might say he's 'vertically challenged' .. I suspect the longer would go from shoulder to knee.


    Going down the back side from the shoulder down would seem most appropariate, but if he wants to put his sash in a display case later, then those may have to be re-sewn to turn them over.


    Wish everyone had this problem, right?? :)



  7. I've a unique and pleasant situation that I need help with ... the case of the classic overachiever.


    I have a scout that loves merit badges and works on them constantly. Over the years he's earned 45 of those wonderful little discs. As he has them placed on his sash they are 3 across and 14 full rows down. At the bottom where the hip seam is there are 2, then 1 at the very bottom. The front of the sash is full from shoulder to point.


    He went to summer camp this year and earned two more.


    Where do they go and how are they placed.


    Does he sew them on (yes, he does this himself) going down the back from the shoulder? If he does so, then they'll be upside down. If he turns them over so they are right side up, then they'll face the opposite of all the others when the sash is layed flat.


    Anyone run into this situation before???



  8. Thank you, Bob White.


    I had looked at the GTSS but missed the sentence at the bottom of the 2 deep leadership that included the statement of the leader on the ground.


    Since the section on Aircraft was under transportation I assumed it was commercial flight related (i.e., getting to an event) and didn't include the flight as being part of the event itself. Should have read closer.


    I guess that's what happens when one assumes!


    Thanks again!


  9. I have several boys in my troop very interested in piloting and the aviation merit badge, and I have a local pilot with his own plane who has both military and private experience as a pilot and is a licensed pilot and flight instructor.


    He is willing to teach the merit badge and I have no doubts of his ability to do so. He has more air hours than I have driving experience, and I've been driving for 30 years. Suffice it to say he knows his stuff.


    He is willing to take the boys on a short flight around the area to meet the requirements of 2(a). My problem is the liability issue and guide to safe scouting practices.


    Obviously a liability waiver from the parents is required, and no waiver .. no flight. Does anyone have any suggestions on how this should be worded?


    The second issue is that the plane is a two seater only. Obviously the counselor takes one seat, a scout the other. No buddy system, no third person observer for safe scouting practices.





  10. Our Troop often uses the Philmont Grace for a closing prayer:



    For food, for raiment,

    for life, for opportunity,

    for frienship and fellowship

    we thank thee oh Lord.



    It's short, easy to learn, and has meanig for every level of Scouting.



  11. No one is telling me that FScouter, and it was my belief that any scout or adult leader should qualify.


    My concern came from the phrase in the Special Opportunities section of the BSA Requirements Book. It states:


    "Here are the qualifications for additional opportunities for Boy Scouts and Venturers to improve their skills and to serve others."


    I'm planning a COH, our Scout Exec will be in attendance ...


    Just double checking my understanding. :)




  12. Ok, I guess I asked for that ... :) I shouldn't ask the question both ways.


    Is it absolutely inappropriate? (in response to the first question).




    Absolutely every person be should considered and not just the youth members? (in response to the second)



    feeling sheepish for making a silly post.(This message has been edited by MTDScouter)

  13. Is it inappropriate to order a 50 miler patch for an adult leader who completed a Philmont trek with a group of scouts?


    My book shows it is presented to "each qualifying individual for satsifactory participation in an approved trip". No mention of youth or adult participation ... only 'each qualifying individual'.


    Assuming that the planning was team-based, the trek was of sufficient length and duration, and the service hours were completed, shouldn't every person be considered and not just the youth members?


    Thanks in advance:




  14. Here's one that we use at our district dinner every year. We get a small wooden base, easily made by anyone with a router, drill a hole through it, and screw an old automotive or lawn mower spark plug in the hole.


    Yes .. a spark plug award ... for the volunteers who provided a 'spark' to the district this year.


    edit - fix my spell check, please!(This message has been edited by MTDScouter)

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