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    How can we as adult leaders criticize the way boys look in their uniforms if we don't exhibit proper uniforms? It is a real shame to attend adult scouting functions to see the number of leaders who put a scout leader's shirt with a pair of blue jeans or anything else they feel like wearing. Either you wear the uniform (all of it) or you don't wear the uniform.
  2. Mrs H

    Skit by next Saturday?

    As a starter skit for the boys I would go to www.macscouter.com and look at "Walk Ons". Most of these are silly, one liners that don't take much practice. The boys always enjoy seeing their parents put on the spot, plus they need to see parents getting involved in the fun. My favorite skit is "The Story of Running Deer" where I call unsuspecting adults from the audience (parents and leaders) and I read the story requiring them to act out certain parts. There are many web sites that have this skit. The following site seems to have a good variety of skits. http://www.scoutxing.com/skits/skitsdefault.htm Anyway, have fun!
  3. Mrs H

    Webelos; Book Signing . . .

    If a boy brings a book signed by his parent or even brings a notebook or other documentation of an achievement, one of the leaders sits down and discusses the activity with the boy. This is not a test but provides an opportunity for the boy to exhibit a basic knoweldge of what the activity was. (Some ambitious parents sign books when the boys have no idea what the requirement was. In this case we ask them to go home and review the information so that they can tell us later).