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  1. Hi we are new to Boy Scouts. I was wondering how does someone become a Merit Badge Counclor. Is there a course to take, training what are the requirements? Thank you
  2. Thank you everyone for your help. I have one more question. Our advancment person tried to order the religious knot and they said she had to fill out a form but we dont know where to find. Does anyone know where we can get this form so the boys can ge there knot. Thanks again everyone!
  3. WOW We are WEBELOS 1 and start at 6:30 - 7:30 and I think that is tooo late. Tigers in our pack start at 6 to 7. I know it is hard for the parents to get home on time. Good luck with the time change. I hope it works out for you.
  4. My son and 1 other scout out of 11 has earned their religious emblem for WEBELOS. I was wondering when you presented this honor to your scouts at a pack meeting what did you say? I'm having a hard time coming up with something for our CubMaster to say. Also we will have our priest present this to them at Mass and not sure what he sould say either. Any suggestions greatly appreciated Thank you.
  5. Hi first of all I wanted to say how wonderful everyone her is. Thanks for all your help. Here is my question - the comittee decided on a fundraiser selling wreaths in the fall and Munsons candy in the spring. We don't get any money for our dens (which is ok) many dont ask for dues (because they can't predict on how much the need for the year)My question is can each den do their own frundraising so the kids can earn there own way to special events to earn specific badges or something fun they can do for all there hard work, supplies ect. We would pick one more fundraiser that would be opti
  6. How much do troops dontate to there council? Just wondering. I know the popcorn is big but know one in our troop wants to sell it popcorn this yesr. What should we do? If they dont' want to do popcorn we need another fundraiser and donated some money (right). What do you think the average amount should be. Thanks for any input....
  7. Thank you both for your suggestions. You sound like you both are wonderful den leaders. Our leader and den leaders are not even trained and do not even own any part of a cub scout uniform. It is really sad. I like making slides with the kids my son just made his den the elephant ones in the How to book. They all loved them. We used gray vinyl. Michele where do you get your ideas for slides can you let me know. We will be making the Binoculars ones for Feathered Friends pack meeting.
  8. I'm not the leader or assistant but I plan every activity for the den. I have a question about having your complete uniform on at every den meeting. One mother CC will always say something if the child is not in complete uniform at every meeting. For instants a few den meetings will be painting or whittling (What a mess).(IMO)I don't think the child should have any part of his uniform on and take a chance of ruining it. Plus some kids come right from another activity to our Den meeting and just make it in time. I do agree at the Pack meeting everyone to be dressed and proud. Thanks
  9. I have questions about the electives section of the Bear Book. The elective has a,b,c,d you have to do all of those to earn 1 elective correct or does A count as 1 b as another? Another question it says you can count acheivements as electives if you DO NOT use them for your badge. So say you have a,b,c,d,e and needed a,b,c to earn the sign off and you did complete d and e do those count as elevtives or does it mean you need to complete a whole nother section that had nothing to do with your badge. I hope this makes since. Thank you
  10. I was wondering if anyone did anything cool for centerpieces or table favors for Cubs in the Future. I wanted to make these cute space people zipper pulls out of beads but I dont know how to fuse them together. http://www.makingfriends.com/perler_space.htm Thank
  11. I am trying to find a site that shows you how to make several different instruments. Our Feb pack meeting is Music /Magic and we wanted to do a song. Thanks
  12. I know this sounds weird. But I dont know what to do for the Bear acheivement 20c fix something with 2 tools. Does anyone a have any idea's that are simple for the boys to do? Thank you
  13. I was wondering if there were any set Pinewood Derby rules that I can get a copy of. I know the rules and specs are in the box. Last race we had child place their car on the track and the parent would come up and make sure it was on straight we said no one can touch the car but the child. Some were very pushy. How should this be done? I would like to see the National rules and maybe go by what thay say? Just a thought. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Some of these parents are out of control with this race. clearly the child did not do any work on some cars. Very sad. We will be
  14. Hi our Den went to camp and has been earning the Leave No Trace Behind patch and our Advancement person has looked in the book and has asked our scout store and they don't have it. They said we need a number to order it. Does anyone happen to know where this patch can be purchased. Thank you very much!
  15. Anyone know of any good songs to keep the boys occupied on the bus we have a 1 hour trip each way for 5 days. And what about waiting there turn when others are do activities like BB, Bow or other functions. Thanks this is my first time at day camp.
  16. Does anyone have a book that they don't need anymore. I would like to look at it to see what is involved. Thanks
  17. Thank you for you help....
  18. I just found this - I guess I'm confused this is what the Tracker says for Wolf - Am I reading it wrong? I could be.. If a boy does more achievements than what is required for Achievements 1, 10, & 12, then enter the additional achievements as an E. This will give him extra elective points towards arrow points. And on the Bear tracker it says this - You can convert some of them to elective points; not all of them. You can only convert those credits from Achievements that weren't used to gain credit for the Bear badge. For example: the COUNTRY section of the Bear badge
  19. My question when you are doing the requirements some of them say do A - E and 1 of F -L now if the scout does all of these requirements (plus) do these extras count towards arrow points. So required are 5 plus the 1 (6) so if he does G-L does the extra 6 count as arrow point. Thanks
  20. Thank just what I was looking for. One other question where do you place this badge on the uniform? Thanks
  21. We are just about done with our conservation badge is there some special form I need to fill out and send in. I thought I heard that somewhere. Thanks
  22. I have sort of the came question. With our Den we have 2 dens both with 6 (12). I would like to slpit it into 3 dens 4 each. Our den leader does nothing all the kids do is play games they don't learn anything I do all the badges and electives with my son. 2 of us parents really want to be Den leader and assistant next year and we dont think the leader with resign. His heart is not into it for the boys it's just a play date for everyone. I was hoping me and another dad could make our own den with our 2 sons and 2 more children. Then we would have 3 dens. How many is min in a den? We would get
  23. Thank you sooooo much for this wonderful information. I know things have to change soon. I'm going to pass your info on to the CC and her and I will talk about things. hopefully get things in the right direction. Thanks again I will let you know how we make out.
  24. I dont know how we survive either. I'm thinking we are not going to. How do you get the den leaders/parents to mandatory come. Our CC does not want to say much because she says they are all volunteers and if she forced them to come they would quit and we would have no one. How do we get these people to get involved? Our CM does not even do much he does not take charge heck he does not even go to the meetings and if he does the does not say one word. CM does not even go to the round table meetings. Our CC gives him everything to do and say and he just reads the paper at the Pack meeting. As f
  25. In our pack we only have the Sec/Committee Chair - same person, Advancements person, Treasurer/ Fundraiser -same person, Cub Master that does not even come to the meetings. What are we missing! The den leaders never show up. How do you get everyone one to show and participate. There are not very many parents involved. Thanks
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