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  1. Thanks for the information. I have talked with the Cubmaster and told her what the parents said and I have talked to the COR.
  2. scoutlder - Also meant to say I have also been a leader in the pack.
  3. Scoutdr - Right now I''m a parent but I have been having to take a leader role. I am registered with Boy Scouts though.
  4. I agree, but wasn''t there when they decided on this person, so I''m not sure what was told to her. I do know that there are parents that are getting mad at the increasing flip-flop of the committee meetings and no one calling to change it. I''m afraid the Pack will drop down to nothing before too long.
  5. I have started over in the Cub Scout Pack where I live with my younger child. Everyone that was there when my older son has moved on (mostly to Boy Scouts). The new Cub Master that has taken over thinks she doesn''t have time to get trained. Excuses usually are work or something else. That said I''m afraid with this atitude that the other new leaders are going to follow suit. I''m hoping that the chaos goes away once we have a couple of meetings but I''m not so sure. This Cub Master thinks that she makes the decisions and everyone follow right behind her. Last night she was asked about
  6. I just want to say that you''re doing great. At least you know the importance of having training and asking questions. Every boy deserves a trained leader. :-)
  7. Thanks for the info. I didn't realize that we could ride the metro so close to the park. I was worried about driving and parking. Now it just might be doable. :-) Thanks again!
  8. WOW! Thanks for the suggestions. I'll get these to our boys and see what they can come up with.
  9. t158sm - I'm sure that we could get the groups together and do a trip. Right now for sure we're going to Winter Blast at Camp Comer. Have you been to that?
  10. where would you take scouts? I've never been and I've been looking at Greenbelt Park for camping. Thanks to the person who told me about it. Now, I need to hear some input from people who have been there and more importantly, those who've taken scouts there and what they really liked. Did you take tours or do our own tour? Where did you go? How did you get there? Did you hook up with a tour agent? Thanks!
  11. Scouter & Mom - The boys have done the overnighter at the USS Alabama. A lot of times the boys do this when they are cubs. But I have wondered if they would be interested in another ship.
  12. un2bnowl - Thanks for the tips. Those sound great. Just had a hard time thinking of something myself. I can't believe anyone could talk funnier than us! LOL!
  13. Packsaddle, thank you for your information. I'm not sure that we're ready to travel out west yet. I think DC sounds great to me, but I'm not sure that the boys are going to go for it. Did your boys enjoy this trip? What are some highlights that might appeal to the boys that I'm not thinking of? I happen to be a nerd and think that going to the White House and Congress is just neat.
  14. Have you used travel agents to take the boys to places out west or to DC? If you have, which have you used? Have you been pleased with them?
  15. t158sm - Are you Blountsville? Sorry, I just can't remember who is with 158. I should since we're 159. I'll tell Bonnie, Larry and Micki hello. They're wonderful help and a boatload of knowledge!
  16. Thanks for all the suggestions. The older boys are looking for some high adventure and we have a couple (2-3) younger scouts that parents are a little nervous to let them out of sight. I thought an out west trip would take at least 7 days. How many of you have taken a DC trip? Did the boys like it? I don't know if I'd have anyone interested. What are some points that might interest boys about DC? How long did you stay in DC?
  17. IMO, I think the popcorn is priced way too high. I know a lot of people will disagree with me. Each year the boys sale it gets harder and harder to find people to buy it. Our Pack does a $2 a meeting due. I know that might seem like a lot but if you join any team it's really not. Around here joining football will cost you a couple of hundred dollars and then add the equipment and whatever else and you can see that for 1 season football will cost WAY more than scouting.
  18. Yep, I'm in Locust Fork, AL. We have put on a summer camp for our boys the last 2 summers at a state park not far from our homes (about 45 minutes). We're going to a Winter Blast put on by council this December. I know that the boys will be bored with the summer camp that we've put on before and the older ones aren't really excited about going to summer camp. We thought maybe we could do something a little different, like take a trip that the boys haven't done. Just don't know what and the boys can't really think outside of going and playing paintball. I was looking at giving them a
  19. Our troop wants to plan a trip this summer that is something that most might not get to do. Maybe something out to the Grand Canyon or something else spectacular. Anyway, I need some suggestions. We're probably looking for a 4 day trip and something that's not terribly expensive but right up the boys alley. Any suggestions?
  20. CubRgr8, We've planned to attend resident camp this summer. I had the same idea as what you have said. I'm actually looking forward to it. I think we're going to have great fun. :-) Tracy
  21. Onehour, Sounds like you have a 9 month period like I have planned for my boys. Most have earned at least 1/2 of the badges and I am now going to concentrate on the AOL. We will probably get really serious about it come August (we will only meet 1x a month until then). I want my guys to have the experience of spending time with the troop before going to camp. That's something that our pack hasn't done since we've been there. They usually cross Webs in June. I'm going to insist (if my boys are ready) for it no later than March. Tracy
  22. To all of you, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! All I've heard is that I need to make sure that my guys are prepared, but nothing about what they should be prepared for. I guess fun! Is it normal for your groups to cross in March or before with 2nd year Webs? Our group hasn't crossed over the boys until June which after doing some training, I think is wrong. They get dumped right into Summer Camp with the Boy Scout whom they have only "visited" with and not helped to make plans with. Tracy
  23. I have Webs I that will move up to Webs II in a couple of weeks. These boys will be ready to crossover by no later than March of next year. I have been asking but not really got a straight answer from anyone in my group. Can some of you tell me what is expected from Webs II when the crossover into a Scout Troop? We have a troop that meets in the same place but like I said not much information has come my way. All I have really been asked is will they be mature enough? Well, how will I know if I don't know what's expected? Anyway, if any can tell me,please help me! I have been going ove
  24. For my den or pack? LOL! I have 4 that will be WebsII come June 1st. I don't really want any new webs II which I know sounds bad. The boys I have right now are just about ready for their arrow of light and the thought of trying to get someone up to speed after the fall recruitment is scarey! My boys will be ready to cross over by Dec of this year no later than March. Now for the pack I know that we NEED Tigers, and Wolfs. We have NONE. That's going to be our main focus come recruiting time. Tracy
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