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  1. I wanted to thank everyone for their input up to this point. I think my next move will be to talk to the committee chair and see what his opinion is regarding the situation. I might also call the District Director for his input and sort of "so you know" phone call. Unfortunately some of the ideas put forth don't work for my troop. We are sponsored by a PTA and our COR has the position in title only and only gets involved to sign recharter papers and new adult applications. She is a nice lady, but has no interest in any deeper level of involvement. And also our Unit Commissioner is an
  2. I should also add that the current Scoutmaster has been trained. Him and I also went through Woodbadge together, seperate patrols and the old sylabus. Alright, enough responses from me regarding my own post.
  3. I have told the committee chair before that I want to be a Scoutmaster eventually. I've also mentioned to a couple of committee members and other assistant Scoutmasters that I hope to be a candidate when the current Scoutmaster steps down. I have been met with positive remarks from all three of the people. I have the time, training (old Woodbadge), and experience, so hopefully eventually I will be Scoutmaster.
  4. I am fairly new to this forum and have only answered a few posts, but need some advice from those far more experienced in Boy Scouts than myself. I will need to state up front that I am 22, it seems to be an issue at times with some older Scouters. I have been an assistant Scoutmaster since I turned 18 and am currently the crew Advisor for my troop's crew and a Unit Commissioner in addition to those duties. On top of that I was a youth member, earning my Arrow of Light and Eagle rank. So here is my problem. My troop (this is not the troop I was a Scout in) went through a Scoutmaster trans
  5. If you look at the Troop Committee Guidebook, there is very little mention of how committee members interact with the youth. I believe one reference is the troop Scribe assisting the committee secretary. In their development as leaders and program the committee plays a minor role at the boy level. The job of the Scoutmaster core is to train the youth leadership, advise them in planning, and be the main adults interacting with the youth membership. The troop committee, in an ideal situation, is in the background and providing support for the decisions reached by the youth. I think whether
  6. I am currently serving as the assitant advancement chairman for our district. We use the unit Eagle board style. 1. The Eagle projects are approved by someone delegated to by the chairman with just that responsbility on the committee. Any one of us can approve them, but in practice he usually handles all of them. 2. We only send one representative to the Eagle board of review. Our district policy is that a Scout gets to determine all the members of his board. The district advancement member makes sure the policy from national is followed on who can serve. In my experience of
  7. According to the recharting info in the Unit Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Serice the COR can also register as the Committee Chair or as a committee member. For whatever reason the COR is not allowed to be the Scoutmaster. I suppose the council registar's computer would have a red flag go off if the COR tried to register themself as SM. COR's should be encouraged to attend as many troop committee meetings and troop meetings as possible. The COR is a unit level position (part of the unit key three), but also sits on the District Committee as a voting member. (How many districts actually
  8. In my experience a diversified camp staff was the best thing. When I worked a camp in Alaska last summer most of the senior staff was from a different state in the lower 48 and we each brought ideas from our home camps to build the program.
  9. I wanted to clarrify some of the information posted on the Tribe of Mic-O-Say in this thread. I have been a warrior in the tribe for 4 years and helped build a daughter program in our local council two years ago. I have also been in the OA for ten years, am a Brotherhood member and former lodge officer. Just to make sure you know I have a firm grasp of both programs. The Tribe of Mic-O-Say was founded in the 1920's in Pony Express Council by legendary Scout Executive H. Roe Bartle. To make a long story short, he had some connections with a Native American from the northern planes who
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