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  1. This is too easy, but here goes nothing... I never go camping without my... clothes... An absolute must have for outdoor camping along with tents, food, other people that are going, any medications that people have to take, and the list just goes on and on....
  2. I agree with the ideas that onehour suggested. I'm going into my third year as the webelos den leader and i always encouraged my boys to plan a flag ceremony at the beginning of our meetings. P{lanning and leading a flag ceremony is a requirement for their webelos rank badge and their arrow of light i believe also. Usually the boys will give a short story on the flags history then lead the pldge of allegiance then cub scout promise, which after four months we changed to the scout oath. I hope this helps you out a little. Good luck and remember that there is no better teacher than experien
  3. I want to thank everyone for submitting their ideas. I brought each of them up to the attention of our cub master and other leaders and we decided to do a combination graduation using the different ideas depending on the age groups of the boys. We used the arrow idea for the Webelos crossing over and the cub-o-matic for the tigers. We ended the ceremony with a slideshow presentation of the past year with the song 'Here I Am' by Bryan Adams (i think that who sings it) from the movie Spirit. It was an excellent ceremony and I want to thank everyone once more for their contribution of ideas.
  4. That's wonderful news. Congratulations to the both of you!
  5. I've only been a leader for about two years now and thus far the greatest thank you that i've recieved is one my boys shaking my hand and telling me about how great it is that i spend time with them to teach them 'cool stuff'. Like the other person above me said, it's the little things that matter.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for some ideas regarding Webelos cross over into boy scouting. This is my second year as a webelos den leader and i now have year 2 boys to cross over. I have a scout troop that they are going to be crossing over into but i can't find any good ideas for the cross over ceremony. if anybody has some good ideas, i'd greatly appreciate your input. Thank you.
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