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  1. I don't post very often, and certainly not in this area. But I read these forums regularly, and have done so for a long time. I want to make a few comments, both specific to the issue and more generally. Specifically, it is true that a merit badge blue card can only be signed by a registered merit badge counselor, and then must be countersigned by the scoutmaster. So if there was a question or problem with the work done, it would have been incumbent upon the scoutmaster to take the blue card and tell the scout he will get back to him. The the SM could call the counselor, and ask any quest
  2. Sorry everyone, but concerned_scout66 is right on the facts. I was there, and I know of it, too. It was a "red flag" heat alert day, with temperature over 100, and a heat index much higher (115 or more wouldn't surprise me). It's absolutely true that the Jambo medical staff earlier that day recommended to Jambo organizers that the arena show be cancelled due to health and safety concerns arising from the high heat and humidity. I was a 1st ASM in Subcamp 5 from the Northeast region. I saw that afternoon a med tech from the Western region, and he told me that Jambo med staff recommended ca
  3. Liner? What liner? I have an official jac-shirt I bought for the 1969 National Jamboree. I suppose it is Woolrich manufacture, although I really don't know. It has no liner. I have never seen any other Scout or Scouter with an offical jac-shirt that has a liner. When did this begin and by who? I have long since outgrown my jacket, and have passed it on to my Eagle Scout son. I would like to buy a new one, but the current price is a bit much.
  4. I'm a Life for life. I was in Scouting from 1965 until I turned 18 in 1971. I have no regrets, and am now the proud father of two Eagles, and have been active in Scouting since they were Cubs. Yarrow hit in on the head. In my experience, most boys make Eagle who have strong parental involvement and support. My father worked two jobs 7 days a week. I love him, but finances were such that he couldn't be there for me in Scouting. Neither could my mother. They never discouraged me in Scouting in any way, just that I never got any of the support and involvement that boys who made Eagle did.
  5. Our troop did this 4 or 5 years ago. So any thing I say should be verified with the National Park Service in Gettysburg and with York-Adams Council. First, we arranged to stay at the McMillian Woods youth group campsite. This is operated by the National Park Service. It has the benefits of being located right on the park grounds (off the Confederate battle line), and is absolutely free. But you must make your reservation as early as possible, which means calling beginning 8:00 A.M. on January 2nd for the camping season which begins mid-April. It "sells out" fast, so do call at first oppor
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