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  1. The TroopMaster DotNet server...not the Department of Transportation (DOT) server... :-)
  2. I have read posts from Jamboree SMs and Jamboree Staff. Would you please give me some perspectives and reccomondations if you have experiance in both? Also, would you sign up as Jamboree staff though your local council or elsewhere?
  3. My charter organization has every FTP site blocked for security reasons, but has volunteered to open up a gateway if we provide the direct IP address of the DotNet FTP server. Sounds like a reasonable request... Problem is, TroopMaster will not tell me the IP address. Does anyone know the IP address for the DotNet FTP server? I am guessing any network "sniffing" software could get this, but that is an area outside my skillset. Please help if you can.
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