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  1. Wingnut, That wouldn't be a manual. That would be a very, very, very thick book!!!
  2. Look into Camp Loud Thunder. It's run by Illowa Council and is about a 3 hour drive west up I-80. They have a good program along with an inground swimming pool.
  3. After 4 years of struggling, I have decided to create a Parent's manual. This manual would contain information on uniforming, meetings, expectations of parents, outings, etc. Does anyone have a version that I can use as a start? Also does anyone have ideas as to what else I might consider putting in that manual
  4. I received my beads on Feb 17th. I was the first one in my course to do so. It is a great feeling while you're doing the ticket and when you finish and get those beads it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. So go, have fun and just remember that you're there for your boys. "A good ol Fox too!!
  5. Lynn, I completed my WoodBadge Course in September. Congratulations on making a big step forward. Just as Eamonn said go in and have fun. Do the precourse assignment and don't worry about the ticket. It will come. With all due respect to Bears, hopefully you'll become a member of the Fox Patrol. We could use a few more good Foxes around here!!!
  6. Do not go to WoodBadge with the worry about the Ticket. That is something that will come to you as you go through your WoodBadge course. The most important thing for you to focus on is the learning and the experience that you will get through WoodBaadge. Putting together your ticket should be easy if you do the Pre-Course work. Above all, have fun. The ticket will come and you will be amazed how much it will mean to you to get it done. I just finished my Course in September in Chicago Area Council - C-16-04 and I will get my beads February 17th. You can do it.
  7. Whatever the shortcomings are to Wood Badge, I still think the greatest thrill is when you complete your ticket and the anticipation that follows as to the date you receive the beads. I will receive my beads on February 17th and I know that after 15 years of Scouting as an adult, there is no greater satisfaction in the world outside of a young man that you influenced many years ago.
  8. As someone who just completed his ticket, I think of Woodbadge as the Advance Leader Training Course but I also think of it in terms of "The Scouter's Eagle Award." The Ticket really required me to do some work in terms of leading others to help me acomplish some of my goals. That included my Troop, the Parents of the Scouts, my Fiance, my church and most importantly myself. It really showed me that I can be a great leader but also a greater human being. So hats off to C-16-04 - Fox Patrol!!! "Renard!!! (Fox in French)
  9. For our overnite experience, the staff had placed 4 dutch ovens along with the ingredients to make various cobblers using cake mix, fruit filings and a can of soda. There were also coolers for each patrol left by our Troop Guides that had goodies. We sat around the campfire singing songs, eating cobbler and just sharing what Woodbadge meant to all of us. I will never forget that experience.
  10. I did recall our staff calling the outpost hike an overnight experience. I still like the idea that the participants get away for a night of fellowship and sharing.
  11. Our "outpost" hike was actually a campsite on the western side of the Camp that is not used. One of the things that it served to do for us was to know that there are some skills that we need to acquire in order to teach our boys properly, particularly because we had to "navigate" to the site by some coordinates that we were given using a compass. Again, I stress that the most important aspect of the hike was that all of the participants got an opportunity to talk one on one without the class aspect surrounding us. I mean there are some things that I learned from Cub Scout leaders on wh
  12. I just completed my Wood Badge Cousre in September - Course #C-16-04. The "Outpost Hike" is back in. In fact, it was one of the enjoyable aspects of our course in that we Wood Badge participants had a chance to sit around a campfire and discuss what the course had done for us. It also allowed for an interchange of ideas. Yes, the classes can be long and maybe the team building issues that are used need some refining but when you think about it, a Boy Scout Troop operates as a team in a lot of aspects. Yes, there could have been more training for the areas that all of us are involve
  13. As an African American Scouter, living in Chicago and being involved, I've had several experiences where wearing my uniform got me notice. One Saturday Afternoon, I had just gotten home from a Troop Meeting and was unloading my car when a gentleman in a truck slammed on his brakes and stopped to ask how can his son get involved. Once I explained what needed to be done the gentleman called and followed up with me until he was able to get his son signed up. Ohter times, I've gotten the looks from others of pride and a couple of God bless you. But overall my experience in wearing this uniform
  14. John, Congratulations on a job well done. Having seen what our course director went through, I can see why Wood Badge is a great course. Then again it's also because of your great patrol bloodline that you succeeded "A good ole FOX, too"
  15. I just completed my Wood Badge Training in September. I'm in Chicago Area Council. To me Wood Badge was the greatest!!! I truely enjoyed every minute and have fond memories of the two weekends with the Fox Patrol!! I think the greatest event for me was at our campfire on Friday night and the SPL portrayed Baden Powell. It brought tears to my eyes and really made me realize what I was in Scouting for and the calling that Scouting has for me.
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