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    I was a member at larg of the distric committee for years. I did what I was asked to do because I did not know any better. Then the problems started affecting my boys. I started reading the by-laws and national guidelines. I started to ask questions. I setup a program to train the CORs. I started getting results. Recharter time came and some of the Unit personal changed. I asked for the up-dated information so that I could continue the training. I received no information. I have been removed from the district committee and labiled a truble maker?
  2. knotter


    Go to national? Been there, done that. Get refered down the line to the very people that are ignoring the council bylays and national guidelines. Who does the distric advancement committee report to? Because the District committee is not carrying out an effective membership program, My troop has boys from 4 school districts. Some of the boys must travel over 40 miles just to attend scout meetings. Each of the 4 districts use to have 1 or more Scout Troops. (One district had up to 7 Units!) Unite Service. What is that?
  3. knotter


    CORs are not welcome at the district meetings. It took over three years for the people involved to recognize that the CORs are district committee members. The COR for my unit was made to feel unwanted and that he was intruding. So there are no CORs that regulary attend district meetings. This is just the tip of the ice-burg!
  4. knotter


    The hold-up was at the district level. No records = no evidence as to why! How can you hold someone accountiable for thier actions or inctions when there are no records just opinions and excuses?
  5. knotter


    This problem started when after 6 months delay I had to fight to get an Eagle board of review for one of my Boys! Quit? I think not! Fight for the boys? YES
  6. knotter


    "Yah, poorly written bylaws are a stock and staple of the BSA. What is poorly written? "The Scout executive shall serve as the secretary of the local council, the executive board, its executive committee, all other committees of the executive board, and district committees"Quote from the by-laws. " The Scout executive may designate one or more representatives to serve as secretaries of district committees " Quote from the by-laws. " and be responsible for the minutes of all meetings of the local council, executive board, and committees of which the Scout executive is secre
  7. knotter


    No one in the district knows what is going on. Ask a question--- answer ---- What do you want that for? Ask several questions ---- Get labiled truble maker! Try to follow national guide lines. ---- Get told you are circumventing council poloicy. Ask what are the council policies ---- receive no answer or conflicting answers.
  8. knotter


    Must a district committee take minutes of its meeting? In spite of the following I was told "The district is not a policy making body of the ******* Council. Therefore, the district does not need to take minutes. Executive Board, Executive Committee, Council Finance committees do take minutes. BYLAWS-ARTICLE VI, SECTION 6 (a) of the by laws states: The Scout executive shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation and shall have general direction over the administrative work of the corporation, subject to the authority and direction of the executive board. The Scout e
  9. This will be my third time on the merit badge midway staff.
  10. As a Scoutmaster I talk to the parents of canidates so that they understand what their sons are going to do. I explain that the Order of the Arrow is not a secret organization and that the have a right to know. As ceremony team advisor I have had to answer the questions of parents that have shown up for ceremonies. I have also suggested that if they are registered Scouters that they do not attend the ceremony because the symbolisum will have more meaning to them I they become a canidate. I can not recall that any parent that was a registerd Scouter has attend the ceremon after I have tal
  11. I am the author of the books: Rope Works and Rope Works Plus and a CD thitled Rope Works Animated. I have not given permission for any of my work to be published in any form excep as part of a teaching aid to be used in a class setting. So I am not judging from afar. As to "fair use" that is a hard term to define. But I believe that part of fair use is to identify the source of the materials used. Maby it is "fair use" to post a page from a book as long as the source of the material is given.
  12. I have found many Scout related web site that post copyrighted materials with out the authors permission. If someone wishes to direct others to materials contained in a book, list the books title and authors name and where the book can be ordered. Copying materials from a book and posting the materials on a web site violates the copyright laws. This type of action sends the wrong message to Scouts. Copying material posted on one web site and posting them on another site is also a violation of copy right laws.
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