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  1. I thought that this forum was a site that was made up of scouts and scouter. But I must not be in the right forum, because if the scouts and or scouters in my troop acted the way you adults (and I am using this term lightly)are acting I would be looking for a way to get them removed. I thought that we as "adults" are suppose to set examples for the scouts that come on to this forum and into our units. Setting here reading some of the things that is in here makes me very ashamed to call you friends of scouting.
  2. You might try having a pancake breakfast. We did it twice and made over $400.00 each time for our trip to Philmont.
  3. Talking to him about this would be awkward because he has not said anything to anybody within the troop about this. And yes I am sure that she would follow thru on the threat because she was talking about the situation at summer camp with some of the people that he knows from other troops within our area. As far as I can tell all she is out for is to make him suffer as much as she can and she does not care who she runs over in the process. She attends all scout related events that her sons are involved in. The only thing that she does not do is stay all night at campouts. But she is there un
  4. Could I as SM call a meeting that only scouts and registered scouter could attend. And give him the plaque at this time? She has stated that we can not stop her from coming to the COH's because they are open to family and friends and are held at the church, which is a public place.
  5. I will try not to make this to long. Our out going SM has been a mainstay for the troop now for the last three years. All the boys look up to him. He is also a state trooper here. As the new SM I have been looking at getting him a plaque to present to him at our first COH this year. Now the problem. His wife has called and said that we should not/will not get him any kind of plaque for what he has done because she just found out that he has been cheating on him for the last two years so he does not deserve it. If the committee still gives him the plaque or any kind of reconnition then she wo
  6. "What did the SM say when she rejected the Merit Badge work? I hope he spoke up and told her to drop it cbecause again we are into program planning" As far as I know she is getting her way with this one. "Sounds like she needs to attend Troop Committee Challange training." I know that this is being offered next month at our District training weekend. But I have heard that she was not going to attend. I am hoping to change her mind on this.
  7. Fscouter For the past few years we have getting back into more of the boy lead troop. The patrols are back to making the own menus and cooking thier own food for the campouts and are wanting to take more of the patrol campouts as well as the troop campouts. The CC would like to go back to the troop (SM and ASM) making the menu and assigning patrols do to the cooking because she feels that it is just taking to long for them to get the cooking and cleaning done at the camp outs and aslo feel that they would not be well supervised when going on patrol campouts. I have told them that if any p
  8. Thank you. I will pass this info on to those others that are concerned. Thanks Kelly
  9. I was just wondering something? Who is in charge of the troop? The Scoutmaster, the committe chairman, the SPL?. We have a new committe chair the is wanting to change a lot of things within the troop that has been working great for the last few years (that I know of). Any info would be great. Thanks Kelly
  10. Hello, I have been involved in scouting now for about 7 years and just found out about this site. One of the best that I have come a crossed. I am on my way to Outdoor leader training this weekend and also I am helping do some training on the district level with the new cub masters in the area. I am looking forward in learning alot for here and maybe even add some input in at times. Kelly
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