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  1. "I'm not a big fan of OA ceremonies when they celebrate multiple Gods and talk about animal deities. These ideas are against my faith. I must assume some church sponsors feel the same way."-Rooster7 This is just total BS. I dont whant to sound mean. I prefom ceremonies and not to get into anything the belongs in the safe OA section there is no meantion what so ever of multiple Gods or animal deities. If a parent or church leader has an issue with the ceremonies they can sit in on one if they dont get in the way. I have seen it done myself. And also, troop chartering orgs. have NOTHING TO
  2. I just wanted to add this. I have been in the OA for two years now. I hold the Brotherhood Honor and I am a Vice Chief in my lodge. I also plan on joining a Crew. I would like to tell a story if I could.. I do all the OA elections for the Troops in my distric. This one troop I held an election for also had a crew meet on the same night with them since both were small and were chartered by the same chruch. So when I gave my little talk about the OA and showed a video on the Order, some of the Venture people came over to listen in because I guess they had never heard of th OA before. But they ju
  3. The dance team for the lodge south of me, Enda Lechauhanne #57, is a Ventureing Crew. Its kinda wierd when you think about it.
  4. Ive got Kuskitannee Lodge #168 and Moraine Trails Jambo patches for trade
  5. Ive got Kuskitannee Lodge #168 and Moraine Trails Jambo patches for trade
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