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  1. Indeed, I agree that operating a shooting sports event for Scouts without regard to the explicit rules and regulations is negligence. I hope the same disregard isn't being used for aquatic events. These two areas are just ripe for catastrophic consequences. The manual for Cub Scout Shooting Sports states that there are to be a maximum of eight BB rifle shooters per range officer. I could find no maximum number of archers per range officer. Best regards, RAFjr
  2. Good luck with that one. From my own experiance I could be led to think its indigenous to the area. I live just up the road from you in Rockwell (Salisbury), North Carolina. I'd much rather keep the leader than show them the door for not wearing the uniform. Best advice I can give is continue to set the example by wearing yours, and, perhaps, letting them know when uniforms are on sale! You'd be hard pressed to catch me out of my uniform at a Scouting function! Perhaps we'll see each other at Lowe's Motor Speedway tonight? Scouts and leaders get in free! Don't expect us to stay till the very end, however. Best regards, Eagle 1977 aka RAFjr
  3. Many thanks to those who've responded. It seems that, as so often occurs, there are variations on the theme. I anticipated that "Range Officer" and "Range Master" would possibly be synonymous. I appreciate that there are differences in requirements for Boy Scout shooting events and Cub Scout shooting events. What I did not expect was differences in rules and regulations between districts and councils. Best regards, RAFjr
  4. After having been given conflicting stories about the authority of a leader who has earned "BB Shooting" or "Archery" certification for Cub Scouts, I'm seeking a definitive answer. I've been told that a leader holding one of these certification cards (in date) is considered to be a "Range Officer" for the particular sport in Cub Scouts. This qualification allows the leader to set up the range, open the range, supervise the range, teach the sport to Cub Scouts, and sign off for a Cub Scout's belt loop and pin. On the contrary, I've been told that these certifications allow all of the above with the exception of "opening" the range. This, I was told, may only be done by a "Range Master" or Shooting Sports Director. I do not find the term "Range Master" in the "Shooting Sports for Cub Scouts" booklet. Neither do I find "Range Master" listed in the Cub Scout Day Camp standards. The only other two titles I've encountered are the National Camping School trainer who trains and certifies Shooting Sports Directors, and Shooting Sports Directors, who train "Range Officers". I understand that NRA and NAA instructors can certify "Range Officers". Am I missing a "middle man", this "Range Master"? I understand that any range must be operated under the auspices of the council/district. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter. And, as an aside, please check your rhetoric before posting a response. I've read far too many vitriolic, spiteful, and haughty postings on these forums which have let me quite saddened about leadership in Scouting. Best regards, RAFjr
  5. I attended National Camping School for Cub Scout Day Camp administration/director/program director back at the very end of February this year. I absolutely do not like being put in the spot light, and tend to be quite reticent when I feel the least bit uncomfortable. I havent appreciated the songs, skits, and being silly that goes with the Cub Scout program. After watching a rather serious individual on the program staff lead a song, and really make it come to life, I shed nearly every bit of my anxiety. That weekend was a major transformation for me. I whole-heartedly concur with one of the previous statements that it has been, by far, the best training Ive attended in Scouting. Kudos to the program staff! (I acknowledged my gratitude on the evaluation.) It is a shame that this training is not more readily available. I didnt want to hold the positions for which I am now certified. I begged my District Executive to sign the application, and I paid my way. As stated here quite often, information about this training is virtually non-existent. All I had to go with was the Day Camp Standards which had found on the internet. Go. Participate. Enjoy! Theyll provide all the materials. (This message has been edited by Arrowhead)
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