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  1. The core content for most wilderness first aid courses is pretty similar. Although they use different texts, most of them are very similar, and most texts are pretty well written. (I helped write the Red Cross text, so I'm kind of partial towards it). The differences between courses and course providers generally are in cost, presentation, and instructor experience and knowledge. Last time I looked, more than a dozen organizations offered wilderness first aid courses. They tend to fall into two categories. The largest and best know wilderness medicine course providers include Wildern
  2. Check with community colleges and Red Cross chapters for a first responder class (typically 45 hours or so). You also can check the websites for Wilderness Medicine Institute, SOLO and Wilderness Medical Associates for a wilderness advanced first aid (typically 32 hours) or wilderness first responder course(typically 8-9 days).
  3. I'm one of the authors for the kayaking merit badge book. I was told this morning (5/31) that the book's official release date is June 13. I also was told that summer camp directors can obtain a PDF of the text from national before that if needed to help with planning. However, the requirements are very similar to the current BSA kayaking award. Any current American Canoe Association kayak instructor, at any level, or any BSA Paddle Craft Safety kayak instructor should have no trouble leading the merit badge program. Robin
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